Famous and talented in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Last night was a party, meetings and celebrations, but also sad moments and reflections.

The Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles has been commissioned to host the induction ceremony into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for characters such as Dolly Parton, Eminem, Lionel Richie, Duran Duran, Eurythmics, Carly Simon and the rock duo of Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo .

The first part was in the hands of Duran Duran, the legendary rock band that despite their years of experience had not yet obtained their passage to the Hall of Fame, until now, that Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, Roger Taylor and John Taylor still couldn’t believe it.

We were chosen for amazing names, people I have enormous respect for, New York Dolls for God’s sake! I have to!

These are really important artists to me, so I think it’s healthier for us not to expect anything and that’s what we did.

We just thought, well, we’ll wait and see, “Le Bon told Rolling Stone.

The musicians opened the ceremony with Girl’s On Film, but their presentation had to be suspended due to a technical failure.

We’re showing them that we don’t just move our lips, ”joked the musician, but all was forgotten as soon as his hits Hungry Like The Wolf and Ordinary World were played.

Although the band’s reunion with former guitarists Andy Taylor and Warren Cuccurullo was one of the most anticipated moments of the evening, the vocalist made it clear that it wouldn’t happen because Taylor was unable to attend the ceremony due to his diagnosed prostate cancer. 4 years. years ago, he had moved on to phase 4.

I am so proud of these four brothers. I am impressed with his durability and extremely excited to accept this award.

I have often doubted that this day would come, I am completely grateful that I am still here to see this day, ”Taylor wrote in a letter.

The celebration of this edition underlined the opening that the selection has had over the years, in which the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is no longer limited to receiving rock superstars, but of all genres, giving welcome icons of pop, country, rap and R&B, among many other rhythms and talents who have revolutionized the music industry with their contributions.

Rock and roll, like music culture itself, is never in one place. It is an ever changing sound to reflect the culture, look at these different artists that you will see inside this year, they are different genres, they are different colors, they are different sounds, but they have one thing in common: they created the sound of young America . Rock & Roll Hall of Fame president John Sykes told Forbes days before the event.

Before the induction, Dolly Parton turned heads on the red carpet.

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The 76-year-old interpreter wore a tight black dress with holes and silver chains.

At press time, Eurythmics, Eminem, and Dolly Parton were yet to be introduced.

The ceremony will air November 19 on HBO.


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