Another child for Dzintars Čīčs

This summer, for the second time, the well-known hit singer Dzintars Čīca was honored by his father – his beloved wife Samanta gave him a son. On July 20, the second child of Dzintars Čīčs – son Markus – was born in the Riga Maternity Hospital, writes the magazine “Privāta Dzīve”. Chic’s first offspring, a […]

Guitar virtuoso Marcis Auzins has welcomed his son into the world

Guitarist Mārcis Auziņš and contemporary dance choreographer and dancer Liene Grava have become parents to their firstborn, according to information published by the new mother on social networks. This summer, many well-known people have welcomed the growth of the family, and another famous couple has recently joined the large group of parents – choreographer Liene […]

Eugene McGregor is expecting the world’s fifth child

Talented Scottish actor Jue McGregor and his girlfriend Mary Elizabeth Winsted have become the parents of the first child together. The star of the cult film “Train Night” in the 1990s, Juan McGregor has become the father of a fifth child – his beloved wife Mary Elizabeth Winsted has given him a son, whose parents […]