I probably have Covid-19 – Wel.nl

Tesla boss Elon Musk suspects he has Covid-19, but is unsure after conflicting test results. “I have symptoms of a mild cold,” Musk writes on Twitter on Saturday (local time). “I get very different results from different labs, but most likely I have a moderate case of Covid.” He had already written on Friday that […]

Why it is so important to keep the air in the house moist – Wel.nl

The corona virus does not like dry air. Now that it is cold, we turn on the heating in the house and that actually makes the air drier. Time to moisturize. “As the humidity increases, the saliva droplets become heavier, causing them to settle faster,” says professor of environment and health, Lode Godderis of KU […]

Mortality did not increase further last week, but remains high – Wel.nl

THE HAGUE (ANP) – Last week more people died than usual again, but the number is not increasing any further. 3,630 people died, about the same as the week before, when 3,644 people died. The mortality in week 45 (2 to 8 November) is 700 higher than expected for this period, reports the CBS based […]

Open discos in Sardinia: Police blitz in the Region – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – CAGLIARI, NOVEMBER 12 – The documents relating to the bureaucratic procedure that on August 11 led the president of the Sardinia Region Christian Solinas to issue the ordinance that gave the green light to the opening of the discos were acquired by the Police on order of the Public Prosecutor of Cagliari which […]

7 reasons why walking is so healthy – Wel.nl

Hiking is popular. Maybe because it is more pleasant than more intensive forms of movement, while still doing something good for your body. Although it must be said that many scientists think it is even better to actually exercise regularly. Nevertheless, walking has many health benefits. Good for your heartYou lower your blood pressure and […]

How unhealthy is sugar really? – Wel.nl

Sugar makes things tasty. Few people get enthusiastic about sugar-free cakes, chocolate or biscuits. It is of course not really healthy, but how much harm can a little sugar in its time? Not much, as long as you keep it in its time. Sugar in itself is not carcinogenic or harmful. The overweight that comes […]

‘He runs in his own myth trap’ – Wel.nl

The Netherlands wants to get rid of gas and is therefore investing in heat networks and heat pumps. A very bad idea according to Arjen Lubach: it would cost a lot of money and be less environmentally friendly than natural gas. Milieu Centraal previously criticized the broadcast, now professor Jan Rotmans also states that the […]

sick Ruud checks every day whether he can present – Wel.nl

Ruud de Wild will determine from day to day whether he can present his radio program. A spokesperson for KRO-NCRV reported this when asked. The NPO Radio 2 DJ has corona and made radio from his home quarantine on Monday. His colleague Paul Rabbering replaced him on Tuesday. “Ruud is really ill,” said the spokeswoman […]

almost one in five corona patients develop mental illness – Wel.nl

Almost one in five corona patients will develop a mental illness within three months of the positive test, such as depression, insomnia, an anxiety disorder and even dementia. This is evident from a study by Oxford, about which The Guardian writes. The relationship was also the other way around: people with mental illness were 65 […]