UFO flying in military formation makes a commotion, Texas is called an alien base

loading… WASHINGTON – Emergence phenomenon UFO often provoke a commotion in cyberspace. Some social media users did not believe the explanation for the existence of UFOs and suggested the flying lights could be drones. Even so, a number of other netizens think UFOs and aliens really exist. The phenomenon of the emergence of UFOs with […]

Good Morning America: 09/23/2021

On the program today, September 23, the UN General Assembly in New York continues and in parallel there are events to address migration and climate change issues. This and other news from the United States and Latin America in Good Morning America, a program of the Voice of America. .

Good Morning America: 09/16/2021

On today’s show, September 16, the White House kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month by highlighting Latino members of President Joe Biden’s cabinet. This and other news from the United States and Latin America in Good Morning America, a program of the Voice of America. .

Are Aliens on Earth? This is the explanation of NASA Scientists

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The eternal question that lurks in the minds of every space fan is “is there life beyond Earth?alien)?” Despite numerous space expeditions, so far the United States Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA have found no trace of life beyond Earth. Occasionally we also hear information about unidentified flying objects (UFO) which […]

Strange Explosion Turns Turkey’s Sky Green, People Think UFOs

ANKARA – Residents of the City of Izmir, Turkey caught a strange moment when a object enters Earth’s atmosphere and caused a “big explosion” in the sky. Residents panicked because they thought it was a UFO because the explosion turned the sky green. Reported Express.co.uk, Tuesday (3/8/2021), the incident occurred on Saturday, July 31, 2021. […]

Ambitious Project Hunts for Evidence of Alien-Created Technology

Jakarta – Tim astronomer international set up a new project to search for evidence of technology created by civilization alien. The project is led by Avi Loeb, a controversial Harvard University astronomer. Loeb co-founded this ambitious project with Frank Laukien, chairman, president and CEO of Bruker Corp., the company that develops and manufactures science equipment. […]

Former Pentagon Staff Leaks New 23-Minute UFO Sighting Footage

WASHINGTON – Former staff of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) claims to have 23 minutes of footage UFO moving in a strange formation. The video footage has been examined by experts and confirmed that it is indeed a UFO. Lue Elizondo, previously worked in the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). […]

Strange sighting of light behind the ISS thought to be a UFO, it turns out…

Jakarta – Live feed video recording of International Space Station (ISS) recently went viral on Reddit. The video shows a mysterious swarm of light seen hovering close to the ISS. The video was uploaded on r/UFO, one of the forums about UFO biggest on Reddit. In the video, you can see two very bright light […]