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These are the conspiracy theories about Kate Middleton’s health – Publinews – 2024-03-02 06:20:20

Although The Crown series has already seen its end, there are still creative minds that seem to have come from the scriptwriters department of the Netflix production. And the apparent disappearance of Kate Middleton He has the entire web scheming conspiracy theories. Below, we tell you some.

It’s 66 days since the last time the girl was seen. Wale’s princess and although Kensington Palace has made a couple of announcements and statements, the condition of William’s wife has the entire United Kingdom and the rest of the world somewhat worried.

Last January, the press office of the princes of Wales reported on Kate’s scheduled surgery and later reported that everything had gone well and that the princess would be taking a break from her public duties, probably until Easter. But what happened next? Deathly silence. There is not a single image of the most photographed princess of European royalty, not a single detail about the reasons why she required surgery.

What are the conspiracy theories about Kate’s health?

The conspiracy theorists on sites like Reddit or social networks like X (formerly Twitter) have already been considering different possibilities around what would really be happening with the family of the future king.

One of the first theories considered in web circles is that Kate would be battling a mental disorder and that she would even have been admitted to a center for rehabilitation. This idea came from Angela Levin, Queen Camilla’s biographer, who suggested that the undisclosed illness could be related to a mental breakdown, derived from her self-demanding nature and the media pressure that she must endure in her duties as a princess. .

The same author indicates that her husband, Prince William, should have had enough tools to handle the situation, after what he experienced with his mother, Diana of Wales. Other rumors point to infidelity as the origin of Kate’s supposed state.

Other theories also arise from this alleged infidelity, such as the fact that the couple would be looking for a divorce. A Reddit thread has even raised the possibility that Kate had to receive cosmetic surgery because William would have physically abused. And, according to the contributors to the popular website where conspiracy theories abound, it has been reported in the past that the eldest son of Charles III has a certain temperament and his own brother, Harry, confessed in his most recent biography that William loved him. would have hit the last time they saw each other.

This narrative of domestic abuse takes much of its basis from the study of the couple’s latest images: seriousness on their faces, coldness, solitary events, and even physical distance.

It does not play in the favor of the princes of Wales that Kensington has not had the transparency that Buckhingham had with the health of King Charles. And many people have noticed a small discrepancy or irregularity in the statement that reported on Kate’s surgical procedure, since Middleton had to cancel some commitments after her surgery and this raises unknowns: If the surgery was scheduled, why schedule commitments that you already knew you couldn’t keep? Why was his absence already noticeable in the weeks before the surgery? What was happening to him at Christmas and why did he already spend his birthday, January 9, at his parents’ home under his care?

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And coma induced has also been the subject of attention for the curious, and the wildest theories, which became more relevant after the sudden death of Thomas Kingston, even say that Kate could be dead. Kingston was the husband of Lady Gabriella Kingston, daughter of Prince Michael of Kent, cousin of the late Queen Elizabeth II, and the motive has not been reported, it was only reported that there is an open investigation.

One of the most accepted possibilities, even by doctors who have given their opinion during this time, is that a hysterectomy could be performed, an intervention that consists of removing the uterus and cervix and, sometimes, the ovaries and tubes. of Fallopian. And then something would not have gone well and that is why the princess needed more time to recover.

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