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France Implements Constitutional Amendment to Abolish Birthright Citizenship in Mayotte

France to end birthright citizenship on island under state control to curb immigration

Paris: French government to implement constitutional amendment to abolish birthright citizenship in Mayotte, France’s foreign department.

Mayotte is a region consisting of two islands on the African mainland between Madagascar. When the Comoros Islands declared independence in 1973, Mayotte decided to stay with France.

‘We are going to take a revolutionary decision. You are the child of French parents or you cannot become a French citizen,’ announced France’s Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin.

He also said that the process will reduce the number of immigrants coming to Mayotte.

Darman’s announcement comes amid protests against rising crime, poverty and immigration. The protesters also demanded that those who have residence permits in Mayotte be allowed to travel to France. Currently it is not possible to travel to France with a residence permit in Mayotte.

Meanwhile, opposition parties in France opposed the proposal. Boris Valod, leader of the country’s Socialist Party, said that birthright citizenship was not up for discussion and that his party would oppose changes to the constitution.

With an area of ​​375 square kilometers, Mayotte has a population of around 3,20,000. Le Monde newspaper reported that French officials believe this is a very serious number.

According to the 2018 National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, 84 percent of Mayotte’s population lives below the poverty line. A third of people are unemployed. More than 40 percent of people live in shacks covered with tin.

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