Microchip under the skin detects Covid before symptoms • Imola Oggi

A microchip under the skin that once inserted is able to reveal if the patient will develop the symptoms of Covid-19. The invention, devised by Pentagon scientists, was unveiled Sunday evening at ’60 Minutes’ on CBS. Retired Colonel Matt Hepburn, a former military infectious disease physician who led the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency’s (DARPA) […]

The gang that killed the university professor will be tried in Zaporozhye

Photo: Prosecutor’s Office of the Zaporozhye region The prosecutor’s office told about the results of the investigation One of the gang members, then still a policeman, asked the professor to help the investigation and act as an interpreter, and when the professor arrived, he was attacked and killed. Before the court will appear four members […]

“Green Pass is not for public health” • Imola Oggi

Marco Rizzo – video Radio Radio TV – Let’s talk about this famous Green Pass. The government says it is a measure to protect public health and I would like to go and check if this is true. It seems clear to me that this is not the case: who wants to protect public health […]

Mexico rescued 22 foreigners after militants seized a hotel

Photo: sanluisalinstante.com.mx Hotel Sol y Luna is located in Matehuala Most of the foreigners abducted from the Sol y Luna Hotel in Matehual were citizens of Cuba and Haiti. In Mexico, law enforcement officials rescued 22 foreign nationals who were kidnapped during an assault on a hotel in the central state of San Luis Potosi. […]

In Kiev, a taxi driver beat an Italian

Photo: Unsplash In the capital, a taxi driver attacked an Italian An eyewitness to the incident blocked the taxi driver’s car with her car and threatened him with a trial. In Kiev, a taxi driver drove two elderly Italian women to the President Hotel. After he was paid off, he pushed and then hit one […]

“Vaccines still experimental” • Imola Today

Vaccines still experimental – The news was provided by the newspaper “Il Giornale” which reports an Ema source who reports the possibility of giving the green light to the authorization for the marketing of Pfizer and Moderna not before a couple of years. Vaccines, therefore, remain experimental and it will not be possible, consequently, to […]

Health adrift moral • Imola Today

by Adriano Segatori – Once there was talk of “masters” to indicate those significant figures who with word and example became guides in the profession and lifestyles to be imitated.One of these was, for me, Ennio Demitri, head of the Monfalcone Emergency Department, in the times when – mid-70s – the diagnosis was made with […]

Sputnik V vaccinated Belarusians bribe Ukrainian border guards

Photo: dpsu.gov.ua The fact of giving a bribe was recorded, the money was seized The citizens of Belarus were vaccinated with a vaccine that the WHO did not approve. Then foreigners tried to “solve” the issue for money. In Ukraine, the border guards did not let the citizens of Belarus vaccinated with Sputnik V, and […]

Foreigner sent Ukrainian women to Greece for sexual exploitation

The suspect was detained accompanied by two female students The citizen of Armenia chose girls with a difficult financial situation and promised them “worthy” conditions and high salaries. Law enforcers detained an Armenian citizen who recruited Ukrainian women to provide sexual services in Greece. He promised a high salary – from $ 50 per hour […]