Samuel Adekugbe became the first Canadian football player in the history of Galatasaray

Samuel Adekugbe, who Galatasaray added to his team from Atakaş Hatayspor, became the first Canadian football player in the history of the yellow-red team. The yellow-red club transferred 188 foreign players from 5 continents and 51 countries until the interim transfer period of this season in the Super League, which started in 1959. Reinforcing its […]

Drug approved to slow Alzheimer’s disease

class=”medianet-inline-adv”> ABD food and Medicinal The FDA release announced that the drug “Leqembi”, which slows the progression of Alzheimer’s and is produced by the Japanese pharmaceutical company Eisai and the US Biogen, has been approved. It was stated that the drug will be prescribed to patients with mild or early stages of the disease. Director […]

We interviewed “artificial intelligence” – Breaking News

class=”medianet-inline-adv”> The bot called ChatGPT, which is free to use and can be easily experienced by all, can quickly and easily perform the tasks requested by the users with its artificial intelligence. This bot, which teachers and academics have started experimenting with, creates surprise with the articles and poems it writes, while at the same […]

A rare case of theft… Purchased 300 iPhones, robbed!

Thieves can target iPhones. Although Apple has created some security protocols against theft and loss, these malicious people never get tired of stealing iPhones. A rare iPhone theft occurred in New York City, USA. This incident caught the attention of many people because a man who bought 300 iPhones was robbed! THEY STOLEN 95,000 DOLLAR […]

NASA’s DART mission achieves its goal

ABD National Air Force and Space Administration (NASA) and the Department of Applied Physics of Johns Hopkins University, the first experiment to test a “method of planetary defense” against objects close to the Earth, the Double Asteroid Orientation Test (DART) has reached its destination. In a written statement released by NASA, it was reported that […]

Iphone 14 launch day introduced! When the Iphone 14 arrives out, what are its functions? How considerably is the price of the Apple Apple iphone 14 Professional and Professional Max, how are the color alternatives?

Apple iphone 14 Features Apple’s 5G modems can be employed in Iphone 14 cell telephones. Apple not too long ago purchased Intel’s modem unit. In accordance to the latest rumors, Apple will use 8GB of RAM in the Pro and Pro Max versions of the Apple iphone 14s. Apple’s competitor preferred 12GB of RAM in […]