Drug approved to slow Alzheimer’s disease


ABD food and Medicinal The FDA release announced that the drug “Leqembi”, which slows the progression of Alzheimer’s and is produced by the Japanese pharmaceutical company Eisai and the US Biogen, has been approved.

It was stated that the drug will be prescribed to patients with mild or early stages of the disease. Director of the FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, Office of Neurosciences, Dr. Billy Dunn said, “Alzheimer’s disease has an immeasurable negative impact on patients and devastating effects on their loved ones. This drug is the latest therapy to target and influence the underlying process of Alzheimer’s disease.”

It is claimed that 1 year of Alzheimer’s treatment with the drug in question will cost around $26,500.

In a study of 1,800 people with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease, it was found that progression of symptoms was reduced by 27% in patients taking Leqembi for 18 months.



Known as a progressive neurological disease that causes destruction of brain cells AlzheimersIt is known to affect the lives of around 50 million people worldwide. While the exact cause of Alzheimer’s, which results in decreased thinking, memory and behavioral functions, is not known, there is no effective treatment method. While it causes simple forgetfulness in the initial period, forgetfulness and difficulty controlling emotions and thoughts are seen in the advanced stages. The disease, which often occurs after the age of 60, causes the person to be unable to carry out daily activities in the latter stages.

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