Israel- Palestinian Territories: press release from the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (13.05.21)

Mr. Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, met today with his Israeli, Palestinian and Egyptian counterparts. He underlined our deep concern in the face of the ongoing escalation, the human toll of which is already very heavy, and our desire to contribute to a rapid easing of tensions.

He again strongly condemned the attacks carried out against a large part of Israeli territory and claimed in particular by Hamas, and recalled that the response to these unacceptable attacks must remain proportionate. He stressed that all actors on the ground must work to end the violence and welcomed the central role played by Egypt in this regard.

He called for the continuation of appeasement measures in Jerusalem, recalling our attachment to the status quo of 1967 on the Holy Places and our firm opposition to colonization in all its forms.

He reaffirmed France’s will to contribute to a return to the ceasefire in Gaza and a return to calm in Israel and the Palestinian territories.



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