America, the friend no one wants anymore? Little difference between Biden and Trump

22 Sep 2021 – 2:00 a. m. Analysts believed that President Joe Biden would repair his country’s transatlantic ties, but his behavior revealed something different. US President Joe Biden could not have had a more complicated debut in the United Nations General Assembly. His Tuesday speech was supposed to be the Democrat’s chance to remind […]

General Assembly in New York: Taliban want to speak at UN general debate – News

António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, speaks during the 76th General Debate of the UN General Assembly. Photo: Eaeduardo Munoz / Pool Reuters / AP / dpa Photo: dpa Anyone speaking at the UN general debate almost always represents a country. Now the Taliban want to speak before the general assembly. Does a […]

“It is not a rupture” with America, specifies the ambassador of France

It is an “exceptional procedure” which “marks the seriousness of our reaction”. Philippe Étienne, the French ambassador to the United States, was recalled to Paris “for a consultation” on September 17, as was his counterpart in Australia. A decision came two days after the Oceanic state broke the “contract of the century” with France, an […]

A dead migrant and 3 small children found on the border between Poland and Belarus

Wire fences have become a practice against migrants. PHOTO: Pixabay The body of an Iraqi migrant woman was found on the border between Poland and Belarus, the Belarusian authorities announced, against the background of growing tensions due to the problem with migrants, AFP reported, quoted by BTA. In recent months, several thousand migrants, most from […]

Australia rejects French accusations of duplicity

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison responded on Sunday to France’s accusations that Canberra lied about its intention to break a contract to buy French submarines, saying he had expressed concerns about it. a few months ago “. Australia’s decision to cancel the contract to purchase French submarines in favor of US nuclear-powered ships has sparked […]

the tumultuous friendship between the United States and its “oldest ally”

DECRYPTION – Since the Second World War, France has never wanted to be considered a servant of the United States, even if it means playing the “Gascons” with its all-powerful ally. For the first time in two centuries, France has recalled its ambassador to the United States. The gesture is strong, commensurate with French anger, […]

Can we still save the Iran nuclear deal? First responses to the UN

The negotiations between the United States and Iran to save the agreement on the Iranian nuclear can they still succeed? The UN General Assembly, next week in New York, should provide the first elements of response. Where are the negotiations at? The indirect discussions in Vienna between Iranians and Americans, through the intermediary of the […]

UN General Assembly in New York and Covid-19, Instructions for Use

The Covid-19 has already disrupted the United Nations General Assembly even before its official start on Tuesday, with New York City requiring proof of vaccination for all indoor activities. Back on the contradictory messages in recent days between New York City Hall and the United Nations. – Will the leaders at the UN have to […]

what can France do against the American giant?

DECRYPTION – France has decided to recall its ambassador to the United States after the announcement of a new pact between Washington, Canberra and London. All eyes are now on NATO, already criticized by President Macron in the past. This is a historic gesture: Paris therefore decided on Friday September 17 to recall its ambassadors […]