Tomorrow in 3D: discovering Oceanix, a prototype of the UN city of the future

By 2040, several floating cities could already exist within a kilometer of our coasts. Named Oceanix, they will be used to accommodate all those who will lack space on dry land because of the rising waters, but also overcrowding in large cities. These cities of the future will eventually be able to accommodate 10,000 inhabitants, […]

In New York, the UN headquarters threatened with paralysis by the coronavirus

For the UN Secretary General, the present pandemic could potentially lead to an upsurge in social unrest and violence around the world. In addition to the rats, ubiquitous they say, since humans deserted downtown Manhattan, there are only a handful of international civil servants living in the “glass house», The UN headquarters in New York. […]

French diplomacy struggling in New York

Since the beginning of the crisis, disappointments have multiplied at the United Nations for French diplomats. Halted by the Covid-19, multilateral diplomacy has discovered an unexpected collateral victim: the French language. While representatives from 193 countries in New York busied themselves “to toggle” Their videoconferencing exchanges, English suddenly took on an overwhelming weight in the […]

Video: Syrians Demonstrate in Al-Hasaka Against Turkey’s Crimes

The Syrians once again protested to denounce the criminal acts of Turkey in Syria and the silence of the international community in this regard. As reported by the official Syrian news agency on Thursday YOU, thousands of Syrian civilians gathered in the Al-Hasaka province (northwest), to condemn Turkey’s crimes against the Syrian people, in particular […]

UN: Morocco calls for solidarity to support post-Covid recovery

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans living abroad, Nasser Bourita, on Friday called on the international community to show solidarity in supporting national recovery strategies, especially those of African countries , on the occasion of the extraordinary session of the United Nations General Assembly devoted to the response to the Covid-19 pandemic. […]

UN calls on Armenia and Azerbaijan to resume negotiations and allow humanitarian aid

The Secretary General of the United Nations (UN) Antonio Guterres urged the governments of Armenia and Azerbaijan to resume negotiations under the mediation of the Minsk Group of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). Through a statement, Guterres expressed that the objective of his appeal is to reach a lasting peace agreement […]

Cannabis, the UN recognizes it as a therapeutic substance

02 December 2020 19:49 In particular, the declassification from the table in which drugs such as heroin and cocaine are found was decided For 13 years, the use of medical cannabis has been allowed in our country if in possession of a regular medical prescription, but very often the need is greater than the production […]

UN: death of the Guinean ambassador in New York as a result of the Covid-19

The Ambassador, Chargé d’Affaires ad interim of the Republic of Guinea at the UN, Mr. Kélétigui Fama Touré, died Monday, November 30 in New York after contracting Covid-19, sources have learned diplomatic at the United Nations. The death of Mr. Touré, 62, was confirmed by the Guinean Ministry of Foreign Affairs on its Facebook page, […]