Unemployment and US manufacturing data .. New shocks follow By Investing.com

© Reuters – nvesting.com – US unemployment data was released moments ago and attracted a lot of attention from the US market, especially with earlier inflation data being higher than expected, followed by warnings from some experts that the Fed will try to lower housing market prices and raise unemployment rates in order to control … Read more

Sunbreak’s first “invincible monster” has appeared, going beyond the difficulty level

“Monster Hunter Rises: Sunbreak” revealed information about the new title update through the Capcom special broadcast of TGS 2022 on the 15th. In the new update, a number of large monsters have recently been introduced, while a number of new content has been released which have started to reach a very high difficulty, providing a … Read more

Essentials: Ouyang Nana’s indispensable objects for his new exhibition | HYPEBEAST

After the release of the album “NANA Collection” last summer and the creation of the first cross-border art exhibition “211042 hide“after,Ouyang NanaContinuing to explore the true meaning of inner art through different media such as music and exhibitions, this month he will bring his original English album “Live Today”, as well as the “221042 Live … Read more

Forest escapes from the end zone! Win Johnson to save points, Fulham organized hard, Mitrovic led the army to fire.

English Premier League football preview Friday 16th September 2022 – Forest (19) – Fulham (10) live broadcast : True Sports 2 (Time 02:00) stage : The land of the city Steve Cooper led Nottingham Forest to three straight league defeats against Spurs 0-2 (at home), Manchester City 0-6 (away) and most recently Bor. Namath 2-3 … Read more

Detection of a common vitamin whose deficiency causes damage to the arteries

New research reveals that a common deficiency in a specific vitamin can lead to atherosclerosis, something that is caused by high cholesterol. Severe stress on arterial health can increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. While high cholesterol is the leading cause of atherosclerosis, new research has identified another possible trigger, vitamin B12 deficiency. And … Read more

Sailor jokes, blackmails with porn and rapes the lover, sends her pictures of her naked daughter

He was also convicted of fornication in two cases by the magistrates with epaulets An elderly sailor has been beating, blackmailing and threatening his mistress for months to prevent her from breaking up with him. Sam admitted raping her “only three times”, but “300 other sexual contacts” between them were volunteers, including when she was … Read more

the fire in Saumos is now repaired, 3,400 hectares have gone up in smoke

The end of a fierce fight against the flames. Firefighters managed to repair the fire that broke out in Saumos, Gironde on Thursday, announced the sub-prefect of Lesparre-Médoc, Fabrice Thibier. The fire area has been “re-evaluated”. “We are at 3,400 hectares of burnt, we are on a stabilized fire, which remains within the limits that … Read more

– He brought back certain memories – VG

On Wednesday, Prince William joined his brother Harry and other members of the royal family in the Queen’s coffin procession through London. He must have recalled the memories of the walk behind his mother’s coffin 25 years ago. Published: Less than 20 minutes ago – Many remember the televised images of the two mourning princes … Read more

Vittoria MU & Roma, Lazio fall

Jakarta – Matchday 2 Europa League 2022/2023 completed, except for the postponement of the Arsenal-PSV match. Manchester United & as Roma picking up the victory, while Lazio fell. 15 matches 2nd day Europa League It will be held starting Thursday (9/15/2022) WIB night, with the exception of the Arsenal vs PSV match which has been … Read more