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nvesting.com – US unemployment data was released moments ago and attracted a lot of attention from the US market, especially with earlier inflation data being higher than expected, followed by warnings from some experts that the Fed will try to lower housing market prices and raise unemployment rates in order to control inflation.

Retail sales data and the import and export price index will also be released today.

The US economy received 213,000 unemployment benefits, while experts expected 226,000 unemployment benefits, an increase from the previous reading of 222,000 before the review.

This brings the 4-week average of jobless claims to 224,000, up from 233,000 last week.


The Philadelphia Manufacturing Index scored -9.9 points, while experts were expecting a score of 2.8 points.

As for the Empire State Manufacturing Index, it scored -1.50 points and experts had expected it to reach -13.00 points, and last August’s reading was -31.30.

On a monthly basis, core retail sales fell -0.3%, while experts predicted an increase of only 0.1%.

September’s Philadelphia Employment Index scored 12 points, down 24.1 points from last August.

The Philadelphia Fed Capital Expenditure Index also fell for the month of September to 4.6 points, down from 18.00 points in August.

Markets now … 15 minutes after the data

Markets reacted to US data and the dollar index stopped rising and lost all of its profits and turned into a loss, and is now recording 109,368, down 0.01% and on a downtrend. .

As for gold, it is still at $ 1684.88 an ounce, down 0.74%, losing $ 12.33 in the current session and now posting $ 1694.35, down 0.88%, losing $ 14.75 in the current session.

As for oil, it has not yet been affected by the data.

Markets before data release

It is now trading at $ 1685.23 an ounce in spot prices, while it is down 0.91% to $ 19,390 an ounce.

The market and Brent both fell by 1.7% each.

The American posted 109,455 against a basket of foreign currencies, up 0.12%.

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