Sunbreak’s first “invincible monster” has appeared, going beyond the difficulty level

“Monster Hunter Rises: Sunbreak” revealed information about the new title update through the Capcom special broadcast of TGS 2022 on the 15th. In the new update, a number of large monsters have recently been introduced, while a number of new content has been released which have started to reach a very high difficulty, providing a stage for hunters to challenge.

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In the new title update, there will be a series of updates related to 3 types of large monsters and monstrous content. First, as the new big monster, along with the rare Tamamitsune dragon and the super multidrag Espinas subspecies, Onazuchi overcoming the monster welcomes users.

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Among the new monsters, Onazuchi won the title of “Overcoming the Monster” for the first time. Overcoming the Onazuchi monstrosity can receive missions from MR 110 or higher and should exhibit a very high difficulty level that exceeds users’ existing specifications.

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In the new system update, the weapon patch update is attracting the most attention. In addition, the MR6 mission will be unlocked in the monstrous mission, while the maximum level of the mission will also be extended to 120. It is also planned to provide more different options in the existing phase.

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As the overall structure of the new title update consists of high-level content for experienced hunters, it is expected that it will receive a particularly high response from users who want a new challenge. In addition, the continuous distribution of the event quests and the introduction of new paid content was also carried out.

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Meanwhile, the new title update for “Monster Hunter: Sunbreak” will be released on September 29th.

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