Supermodel Tatiana Patits has died at the age of 56

Supermodel Tatiana Patitz has died at the age of 56, Vogue reported. Patitz was born in Hamburg in 1966, but grew up in Switzerland. At the age of 17, she won third place in a modeling contest and she moved to Paris, where she began working as a model. By 1985 she was already known […]

A worker fell from the fifth floor of a construction site in Plovdiv and died

A worker died in a work accident in Plovdiv, the Interior Ministry confirmed. The accident occurred yesterday morning on a construction site in the residential area of ​​Trakia. The man, who was over 50 years old, fell from the fifth floor of the construction site, reported BNT extension. He was taken to the hospital but […]

Which cars break down faster after warranty

Porsche visits the repair shop most often, but Land Rover repairs are the most expensive Porsche’s expensive fast cars, as well as their great handling and power, have been recognized as some of the toughest in a number of studies, but now the Germans have been named as the most unreliable car brand in England […]

Deputy of “Promyanata” Milen Mateev in a scandal with an unregistered car

“Let’s keep the change” deputy Milen Mateev was caught behind the wheel of an unregistered car in Veliko Tarnovo. The case was confirmed by the Directorate of the Interior Ministry of the city. On January 10, a police patrol stopped for an inspection on Bulgaria Blvd. in the old capital of Smart with temporary number […]

Inmate David Bodill has nothing to do with me

“Democratic Bulgaria” MP Albena Simeonova said she had nothing to do with the arrested Briton David Bodill, who was wanted under a red notice by Interpol. 28-year-old British citizen David Bodill was arrested today in the village of Ljubenovo, Nikopol municipality. He was caught by special police officers on private property next to an organic […]

The next prime minister will not be Galab Donev. It will be Atanas Pekanov

Here are two of my predictions: 1) The war in Ukraine will continue like the Iran-Iraq war, which lasted 8 years, from 1980 to 1988, and did not end with a victor. The conflict exhausted both warring sides. After all, the problems for Saddam began after the conflict, when he decided that he had to […]

That’s why Niki Iliev took aim with the wrong eye in the movie “Botev”

The shot with the wrongly closed eye of Niki Iliev in Maxim Genchev’s film “Botev” has become one of the most discussed topics in Bulgarian society. In the role of the Circassian Jambulet, the actor aims a gun and closes one eye to aim, but according to many viewers he closed the wrong eye. In […]

A whirlwind fatally struck the paraglider in Musala

The paraglider who died after flying over Musala is among the most experienced in our country In his last flight, Toma Stoichkov had good visibility and the weather was calm, as shown by the footage of another paraglider, with which he flew over Rila. The first words his friends say about him are similar, writes […]