The new Miss Bulgaria Alexandra Krasteva is a future architect

The 18-year-old beauty was chosen from among 16 candidates from across the country Alexandra Krasteva is the new Miss Bulgaria. She was chosen from among 16 candidates from all over the country during the final competition, which took place on November 10 in the capital. The competition for the most beautiful Bulgarian woman, organized by […]

See the border police chief arrested for corruption

The border guard, arrested for corruption during an operation by the Internal Security and the Prosecutor’s Office, was taken to conduct investigative actions in the management building. The man, whose name is Yanko, was arrested after receiving a bribe of BGN 2,000 from an equipment dealer. He was the head of the “Technical and Weapons […]

What “peace proposals” has the West addressed to Vladimir Putin?

The mysterious Russian military elder who is behind the popular Telegram General SVR channel and maintains a regular audio column on YouTube with a mechanically modified voice announced what “peace proposals” the West has made to Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to information, the offer was received yesterday through an intermediary country and, in general, […]

In 14 days, Taylor Swift broke 102 records with her Midnight album

He became the most listened to artist in a day on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Prime “I paid Spotify to listen to Taylor Swift’s new album ad-free. It turns out he also uploaded the songs to YouTube, where I have a subscription. I don’t mind at all,” says one man. “Oh, relax. I have […]

The Netherlands will give us F-16s if we give MiG-29 to Ukraine (added)

The Netherlands is ready to supply Bulgaria with its F-16 fighters if Bulgaria supplies its former Soviet-made aircraft to Ukraine. This was stated by the deputy from “Democratic Bulgaria” Ivaylo Mirchev. “The Netherlands are ready to give Bulgaria F-16s if we agree to deliver our MiG-29s and SU-25s to Ukraine. modernization of our army, not […]

After leaving the car today, a union protest blocked all of Sofia

All of Sofia will be blocked today due to a protest by the KNSB and KT “Podkrepa” trade unions. It is therefore advisable to avoid traveling by car. The protest began early in the morning in front of the National Assembly, when the two unions took buses there with their sympathizers. However, the real blockade […]

Swedes inspect 2 airports, they are suitable for “Gripen”

Italian submarines are too expensive for us Sweden is sending its experts to inspect two Bulgarian military airports – “Graf Ignatievo” and “Bezmer”, if they can accept “Gripen” fighters. This was announced by Defense Minister Dimitar Stoyanov at a hearing in the parliamentary defense committee. The Swedes should arrive as early as November 16. A […]

Borisov against Radev, GERB and BSP in a (not) expected common front

Requests for the resignation of the head of the Interior Ministry, Ivan Demerdzhiev, have changed roles Lack of memory, obeying the laws, the interim prime minister was keen The murder of the Bulgarian border policeman and the demanded resignation of Interior Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev have unexpectedly repositioned some of our politicians. After the GERB leader […]

King Charles III was pelted with eggs in England (Video)

The eggs flew to the British king during their engagement in the north of England. Police arrested a man who threw an egg at British King Charles III and his wife, Queen Camilla, BTA reported. The eggs were thrown to King Charles during a visit to York. A man was arrested on the spot. More […]

Journalist Lachezar Tsvetkov died suddenly at the age of 45

“We lost our beloved colleague Lachezar Tsvetkov. He left us suddenly at the age of 45”. The BNR reported this on their website. “One of the iconic voices on the air of” Horizont “, with an interest in the history, culture and eternal values ​​of Bulgaria. For more than 20 years of his life, Lacho […]