New York tourism rebounded 71% in 2022

New York City’s tourism industry has increased 71% since 2021. City tourism industry leaders say they have an optimistic outlook for the new year. According to NYC & Company, the city’s official destination marketing and visitor bureau, more than 56 million travelers visited New York last year. According to the organization, this represents a 71% […]

‘Groom’s Class’ Brian, ‘Ideal Type’ Hwang Bo and Tarot Date

He enjoys a tarot card date with Hwangbo, the “friend” Brian has indicated as his ideal type. In the 47th episode of Channel A’s “Men’s Life These Days – Groom’s Class” (hereafter referred to as “Groom’s Class”), which airs on the 4th, Brian, a “freshman”, visits his best friend Hwangbo to New Year’s Eve. fortune. […]