Gran Fiesta Costumbrista del Pig 202: A Celebration of Local Products and Artisans

Gran Fiesta Costumbrista del Pig 202: A Celebration of Local Products and Artisans

The slogan is to be present at the Gran Fiesta Costumbrista del Pig 202, which will take place on August 19 and 20, in the Plaza de Armas of Talca. This is clear to the 217 exhibitors who will display their products in the XIII version of the event, even if it rains heavily. Among … Read more

‘Oh Eun-young’s game’ first aired on the 24th… What is my child’s personalized game identity?

With ENA and “parent president” Dr. Eun-young Oh, the super special game recipe “Oh Eun-young Game” will be premiered on the 24th, the main poster featuring Oh Eun-young X Shin Dong-yeop X Lee Min-jung and a trailer with meaningful words from Dr. Oh Eun-young was released. “Oh Eun-young Game” is a special project that brings … Read more

New York tourism rebounded 71% in 2022

New York City’s tourism industry has increased 71% since 2021. City tourism industry leaders say they have an optimistic outlook for the new year. According to NYC & Company, the city’s official destination marketing and visitor bureau, more than 56 million travelers visited New York last year. According to the organization, this represents a 71% … Read more

‘Groom’s Class’ Brian, ‘Ideal Type’ Hwang Bo and Tarot Date

He enjoys a tarot card date with Hwangbo, the “friend” Brian has indicated as his ideal type. In the 47th episode of Channel A’s “Men’s Life These Days – Groom’s Class” (hereafter referred to as “Groom’s Class”), which airs on the 4th, Brian, a “freshman”, visits his best friend Hwangbo to New Year’s Eve. fortune. … Read more

Super Junior prodigy, former trainee in love with an ordinary woman… “There’s no intention of getting married”

Super Junior’s Shindong has been confirmed to be dating. On the 1st, Sports Seoul quoted an entertainment industry official and exclusively reported that Super Junior’s Shindong is dating a younger female, former trainee, non-celebrity. News of Shindong’s devotion is the third couple in the group, after member Seongmin, who got married in 2014, Ari from … Read more

IU donates 200 million won for the underprivileged at the end of the year…”I wish you all a happy end of the year”

National singer-songwriter IU’s good heart was proven once again this winter. On the 30th, EDAM Entertainment announced that IU had donated a total of 200 million won to the underprivileged through Yeouldol, a support group for children with rare diseases, the Korea Child Welfare Association, milk delivery calling for the safety of the elderly, and … Read more

New York is the most expensive destination in the world to look forward to the New Year

New York is the most expensive destination in the world to stay on New Year’s Eve, according to a survey by The study compared hotel prices in 50 major cities around the world. For each destination, the price of the cheapest double room available for a 3-night stay from 30 December to 2 January … Read more

‘Burning Trotman’ Kim Junsu “Me and my colleague who acted in the same work … I didn’t know at all”

Kim Junsu, a member of the “Burning Trotman” delegation, expressed a “fiery resolution” to discover new trot stars that will rock Korea. MBN’s “Burning Trotman” (hereinafter “Bult”), which will be broadcast for the first time on the 20th, is a super-large trot audition in which Crea Studio and MBN, founded by PD Seo Hye-jin, the … Read more

“Surviving as a Celebrity Manager” Lee Soon-jae gives deep resonance as a great actor in acting for 60 years

Actor Lee Soon-jae has created a touching episode in ‘Surviving as a Celebrity Manager’. In the 11th episode of ‘Yeonmaesal’ which aired on the 12th, Lee Soon-jae faced the biggest crisis in his acting career. He had a memory problem due to the after-effects of a recent minor stroke. The doctor’s diagnosis was that the … Read more

‘Hwanjoon’ Go Yoon-jung, a different charm with a transparent painting method buried in innocence

Actress Go Yoon-jung attracted attention with her charm that the more she watched “Hwanhon: Light and Shadow”, the more she fell in love. In the second episode of tvN’s Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Gwanho: Light and Shadow’ which aired on the 11th, the mystery of why Jin Bu-yeon’s (Ko Yoon-jung) appearance was revealed like falling … Read more