Three ways to use Excel Macro, can be applied in Microsoft Word

Microsoft 365 always comes with a set of software that can make the work of its users easier. Among others there are ExcelWord, PowerPoint, One Drive, One Note, Project, Outlook and Microsoft Teams. Interestingly, Microsoft 365 software is also very possible to connect with each other. For example, any files or archives you create can […]

Here’s how to easily create a calendar in Excel and Word

Microsoft has a software package that is usually automatically installed on devices with the Windows operating system. Call it Excel, WordPowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, Word, OneDrive, OneNote and Project. Software development makes it widely used, especially to facilitate the work of its users. Because Microsoft 365 has various functions. With that in mind, this time […]

5 applications to convert Word to PDF on PC, fast and practical – Application to convert Word to PDF very necessary. The team has summarized some of them application which you can use to convert files Word the PDF. Converting Word to PDF format can help you share files between different operating systems or computers without any problems. PDF is the most popular and secure […]

How to convert image to text

Images sometimes contain text. For example, you may have downloaded an image with some witty quote from the internet or for some other reason you have an image where you just want to access the text content. There are many ways to do this. Here we present a very simple one, which is to walk […]

Australia “warns” a new wave of coronavirus soon

Australian experts warn The new outbreak of COVID-19 is likely to happen in the coming weeks. at the hands of the novel coronavirus, while the number of cases in New South Wales and Victoria which is a densely populated area continues to rise The World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 March 11, 2020 was a […]

Biden faces “an unpredictable era” under Xi Jinping’s regime

Analysts Believe US President Joe Biden is addressing the Chinese government’s unpredictable uncertainty during President Xi Jinping’s third term amid the two countries’ fragile relations. last week the General Assembly of the Communist Party of China approved a third term. by President Xi Jinping, who will rule China for at least five years, the extension […]

Biden welcomes Israeli leaders to the White House

President Joe Biden welcomed Israeli President Isaac Herzog to the White House on Wednesday to discuss security challenges ahead of political change in their countries. After the elections in the US and Israel that will happen in the coming weeks. Before Wednesday’s discussion President Biden and President Herzog Speaking to reporters in the Oval Room, […]

Men and women, why do we fight the longer we meet?

There are many conflicts between men and women that are difficult to avoid even between lovers or couples who have been together for a long time. In particular, they often argue because they feel that communication is not good. This is often due to the fact that a relatively “simple” man does not understand a […]

Rising star announced, a training simulation that communicates with real horses

▲ “Rising Star – The Horse Game” has been released (photo source: game’s official Steam page) — Amid the growing interest in horses among domestic gamers due to Uma Musume, a 2D horse breeding simulation game has appeared on Steam that interacts directly with and feeds horses. “Rising Star – The Horse Game (hereinafter Rising […]