Japanese PM visits Canada to discuss bilateral relations

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida arrived in Canada on Thursday to attend talks with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as part of a planned tour to the G-7’s top industrialized nations. after Japan assumes the role of rotating chairman of the group

A statement from the Canadian Prime Minister’s Office said: The two leaders will discuss issues that are Japan’s priorities for presiding over the G-7. including the issue of strengthening bilateral relations between the two countries as well

before arriving in Ottawa The capital of Canada, Prime Minister Kishida recently completed a visit to London on Wednesday. to meet with Prime Minister Richi Sunak and sign a defense agreement that would allow both countries to deploy their forces into the territory of the other This shows the strengthening of security relations between Japan and Britain.

and after completing the mission in Canada The Japanese leader will travel to Washington to meet with President Joe Biden on Friday. at the white house

before the meeting of the two leaders US Secretary of Defense and State Department and Japan have met in Washington. before announcing The two countries reached an agreement to enhance their security cooperation. During the whole United States And Japan has growing concerns about China’s stance.

At a joint press conference on Wednesday, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken Praising Japan’s pledge to double defense budget by 2027

Secretary Austin also said that Japan’s new strategy and the challenges facing the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. and a plan to deal with the situation that It aligns well with US strategy.

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Minister Blinken also announced that During Prime Minister Kishida’s visit to Washington, the US-Japan Cooperation Agreement will be signed. about the space affairs, which “takes decades to prepare and will cover everything Since the joint research to working together to send the first woman and first black man to the moon.”

As part of the plan to visit members of the G-7 group. of the Japanese leaders this time France and Italy are Prime Minister Kishida’s next destination.

  • Some information comes from AP and Reuters

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