The United States rejects plans for joint nuclear exercises with South Korea.

The US confirmed that He plans to conduct a maneuver, a battle plan that is not practiced in the field. and will expand military cooperation with South Korea to cover other areas as well, but has denied that Washington is considering plans for joint nuclear exercises with Seoul. According to senior US government officials

This announcement about military plans with South Korea came out. After President Yoon Suk-yeol gave an interview to local media, the details were released on Monday. The interview said that the United States and South Korea were discussing giving Seoul a bigger role in Washington’s nuclear operations.

Monday night US time. A reporter asked President Joe Biden if the United States was in discussions with South Korea on the issue. and he got a “no” answer with no further explanation.

Meanwhile, senior US government officials One person sent a statement to VOA clarifying the matter, saying the US and South Korea “were working together to strengthen our extensive deterrence capabilities.” This includes tabletop exercises to study how to collectively respond to situations involving the use of nuclear weapons by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.”

North Korea conducts record-breaking ballistic missile tests last year and just announced Sunday it would “Increase production of nuclear warheads exponentially”

US Government Officials Say North Korea’s Recent Speaks and Statements Lead to ‘Growing Concerns’

However, the US presidential palace South Korea rejected conflicting information from both President Yoon and President Biden, emphasizing that because South Korea is not a state that has developed nuclear weapons. Therefore, this country cannot participate. “joint nuclear maneuver”

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Many analysts are uncertain whether the United States will agree to a nuclear sharing plan with South Korea, as President Yoon said in an interview. Because doing so would conflict with the Washington government’s global disarmament goals of mass destruction, including the Korean peninsula’s nuclear disarmament program.

Tuyeon Kim, a Korean expert at the Center for a New American Security, commented, “South Korea’s concerns and aspirations are understandable, but the United States is unlikely to be able to discuss nuclear plans with South Korea.” as far as Seoul wants”.

However, Kim emphasized that if South Korea participated in the tabletop trials, This is a planning exercise by understanding the details with group discussions of hypothetical situations. Seoul should learn a lot about the US position. to different crisis situations.

Ankit Panda, Senior Fellow in the Nuclear Policy Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, also didn’t believe the United States would allow South Korea to participate in nuclear planning. deciding that Nuclear weapons should be included in a specific contingency plan? This is probably a matter for the President of the United States to do.”

  • Source: VOA

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