Resident Evil 7 sold 10 million on PS4, Xbox One and PC

At the beginning of May of this year we had the launch of Resident Evil: Village On modern consoles, the latest installment in the biggest horror franchise ever Capcom and also the best launch of Resident Evil. However, its prequel has just set a new record, as Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has reached 10 million […]

The future of games is in PC, in Capcom and praises sales

For Japanese Nikkei said CapcomuHaruhiro Tsujimoto, Chief Operating Officer, who praises the number of digital sales for old titles on PC. Example of sale Resident Evil 7, which came out in 2017, are still a million copies ron. Recently, the popularity of PCs during the pandemic in Japan increased. Pandemic mn look at the PC. […]

What other company could you buy?

It seems that Disney is very happy with the purchases of companies that it made, since rumors have no longer been heard about possible purchases from the house of the mouse. And it is that already with franchises as big as Star Wars, Marvel and even The Simpsons, it is obvious that they have a […]

Resident Evil live-action series already has an actor for Albert Wesker

It has long been known that Netflix seeks to expand the presence of the franchise of Resident Evil from Capcom in your catalog. First through an anime, which will be released this year, and secondly, with a program with real actors or live-action. In the case of the latter, it was known that the plot […]

Village Will Be Released May 7, 2021

Jakarta – There are a few more days left until the end Resident Evil: Village ready for release. Precisely on May 7, 2021, this survival horror game is ready to be played. To treat curiosity, Capcom conveyed at the second showcase regarding the Resident Evil: Village demo that fans can play. Players can explore the […]