The United States gave Ukraine the location of the cruiser “Moscow” before it was sunk

The flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet – the missile cruiser “Moscow” sank

The United States has exchanged intelligence with Ukraine on the location of the Russian missile cruiser Moscow before the strike in which the warship was sunk, BTA reports, citing the Associated Press.

A US official said yesterday that Ukraine itself had decided to shoot and sink the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet using its own anti-ship missiles. Due to Russian attacks from the sea against Ukraine’s shores, the United States has provided Kyiv with “intelligence” that includes the location of Russian warships, an anonymous source said. He said the United States did not know in advance that Ukraine was planning to strike at Moscow. NBC television was the first to report on the American role in the sinking of the ship.

The Biden administration has stepped up intelligence exchanges with Ukraine, along with arms and missile supplies, to help repel the Russian invasion. The revelation of US support for the attack on Moscow comes at a time when the White House is under pressure from Republicans to do more in support of Ukrainian resistance and when opinion polls show that Americans are wondering if President Joe Biden is tough enough to Russia. Since Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian forces to invade in February, the White House has been trying to balance support for Ukraine, a democratic ally, and not do something that would provoke a direct war between Russia and NATO. .

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