Detroit automakers must follow the Steve Jobs playbook | Opinion

There are not enough silicon chips to go around. General Motors, Ford and other companies lack the supplies needed to make enough cars. Covid-19 is only partially to blame. To get back on the right track, automakers need to look to Apple, and its groundbreaking iPhone in particular, to learn how to manage their supply […]

Íñigo Zubiri continues to lead the list of precocity to debut

M. G. Logroño. Tuesday, January 11, 2022, 01:00 Of Noé Ela many notes stand out. One of them, age. Despite his 185 centimeters and his size, the Madrilenian is 18 years old, although in April he will be 19. He is one of the players who has joined the club of red and white who […]

Covid-19: 6 steps to follow if you suspect that you are infected – Health

The advancement of the omicron variant in several countries has caused an increase in the number of covid-19 cases diagnosed in recent weeks. On January 4, the world broke the record for newly diagnosed infections: more than 2.4 million people tested positive in 24 hours. But what to do if you have the typical symptoms […]

Video – “We rise from our ashes to continue writing history”

“Happy 2022. The year of the # Falles22”. Just two minutes after the last bell rings, the Fallera Central Board has sent a message of hope for the future, recalling the path lived in the recent past. “The year we reinvented ourselves and rose from our ashes to continue writing the history of the Fallas.” […]

Free Fire or PUBG Mobile, Which Survival Game is Suitable to Accompany Your Day

Friday, 24 December 2021 18:04 Editor Anytime Free Fire or PUBG Mobile, Which Survival Game is Suitable to Accompany Your Day Free Fire and PUBG Mobile mobile games are some of the most popular games played. Because both of them present the same survival concept, have you ever been confused about which one to play. […]

How the world is fighting the Omicron strain – a new virus

The use of vaccines alone will not allow the world to get out of the crisis caused by the new strain, say the WHO. Other measures must be followed, including social distancing, masking and hand hygiene. A new strain of coronavirus Omicron has already been identified in 89 countries of the world, its incidence doubles […]