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Valery Todorov: Martial law will be declared in Russia

Valeri Todorov PHOTO: Rumyana Toneva

Martial law in Russia is expected to be voted on Friday, which means that information and public life will be under control, the organization of the rear will look different. This will untie the hands of the military, explained Valery Todorov, a former correspondent in Russia, on BNT. He cited the fact that the opposition Echo of Moscow radio station and Dozhd TV were already under control.

Putin must be stopped, Elena Poptodorova added. According to her, there is an obvious deficit in Putin’s rational thinking, which has already been proven by intelligence actions.

According to Valeri Todorov, the most severe will be the humanitarian crisis and the ecological catastrophe. There are already 1 million refugees. Their number is not growing fast because there is not enough information, and there are many people at the borders for whom we do not know how many.

According to Todorov, we should not behave like winners, because in war it is like marriage, there are always two. The fact that Putin could become the villain of the century does not lessen the tragedy. Most Russians do not accept this war. With sanctions, many people are suddenly guilty without guilt, whether they are in the country or on the roads of Europe.

Putin is changing tactics after his blitzkrieg failed, Elena Poptodorova said. There is now a gradual and aggressive destruction of Ukraine’s military power and the infliction of very severe civilian damage. I do not see a good scenario, only suffering and self-sacrifice. “Obviously, the intention is for Ukraine to be wiped out as it is,” Poptodorova said.

Valeri Todorov added, explaining that if a truce is not reached within a week, the consequences will be very great and a phase of long-term war will break out. “This war could have been foreseen,” the journalist said.

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