Body of Missing Young Man Found in Sidon – Read on for Further Information

The National News Agency reported that the body of the young man, W. H, whose disappearance was announced several days ago, was wounded by a gunshot wound in one of the orchards in the locality of Salhia, east of Sidon. Next to the corpse was a “bomb action” weapon, and the corpse appeared to have […]

For love.. Hani Shaker in Lebanon. Here are the details

Egyptian star Hani Shaker will arrive in Lebanon next month, in February, to perform a public concert to celebrate the day of love. And the star published on his account on the social networking site “Instagram” a promotional poster for the ceremony, which will be held on February 11, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. […]

In the video, the Jordanian Colonel Abdul-Razzaq Al-Dalabeh, the fourth deceased of his mother.. Here’s how he told the last details of his son!

The sad and touching stories of Jordanian Colonel Abdel-Razzaq Al-Dalabeh who was killed by terrorists’ bullets in Ma’an Governorate in southern Jordan are still emerging and unfolding day by day. The Jordanian woman, Shufah Al-Zoubi, mother of Colonel Al-Dalabeh, appeared in a video giving him a parting glance and reciting sad lines of poetry in […]

A gas cylinder exploded on the 16th floor of a building in Alexandria…and witnesses

20:55 Wednesday 14 December 2022 Alexandria – Mohamed Amer: A gas cylinder exploded in a residential apartment on the 16th floor of a property in Sidi Beshr Bahary, east of Alexandria, in the early hours of Wednesday morning, injuring two people. Major General Khaled Al-Barawi, Deputy Minister and Security Director of Alexandria, first received a […]

A new collaboration between Latifa and Ziad Al-Rahbani, as she reveals the details

Tunisian singer Latifa has announced a new collaboration that will bring her together with artist and composer Ziad Rahbani, describing him as “genius”, and noted that she is completing a new album composed by Rahbani. In a telephone interview within the “Nujoom” program, broadcast on “Mosaique FM”, Latifa said that four songs have been recorded […]

Laila Abdel Latif is back on LBCI, here are the details

Al-Akhbar newspaper reported that the channel lb Negotiate with Laila Abdel Latif to appear on New Year’s Eve. According to Al-Akhbar, the episode is expected to be filmed soon and shown as part of the evening dedicated to welcoming the new year, which includes the views of a group of artists and actors.. Interestingly, for […]

Some nutrients improve dental health … Here are the details

Dr. Ivan Musorov, a specialist in dentistry and dental surgery, points out that dental health requires the consumption of fish, nuts and green leafy vegetables. And the Russian doctor notes in an interview with the website Pravda.Ru that the health of the teeth depends on the human diet. He adds, to maintain good oral health, […]