Maximiliane Schaffrath’s book “Systemrelevant”

ĂśMuch has been said about care, not just now, but especially since the outbreak of the corona pandemic. The biggest problems are well known: too many patients, too little staff and too little time. What this means in concrete terms in everyday life in German clinics – for nurses as well as for sick people […]

“Mr. Uzunov congratulates you!”, Rashkov told police and prosecutors in Plovdiv

Lawyer declares “indirect victim” the presidential adviser on anti-corruption and his clashes with the special accusation around the chats with Plamen Bobokov, the deal with the 290 jeeps of Grisha Ganchev – the goal was to thwart Rumen Radev’s second term “Mr. Plamen Uzunov congratulates you!”, Boyko Rashkov told police and prosecutors during a visit […]

Usa: Trump’s removal hypothesis circulates in the White House – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, JANUARY 07 – The hypothesis of invoking the 25 / o amendment to remove Donald Trump is strengthening in the president’s cabinet. CBS reports it citing some sources, according to which the idea is under discussion within the White House but has not been aired to Vice President Mike Pence. The 25 […]

Second Bundesliga: Darmstadt frustration in the 2-2 draw against St. Pauli

EA member of the club’s presidium believed himself to be unobserved behind the deserted grandstand and screamed out his frustration with a single, adult word. At the same time, the head coach called a team circle down on the lawn, to which his professionals with drooping heads gathered. Markus Anfang stepped aside for a moment […]

Wp, Trump evaluates FBI chief torpedoing – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, OCTOBER 22 – Donald Trump and his advisers have repeatedly discussed whether to fire FBI chief Christopher Wray after election day. This eventuality could also jeopardize the stay of Justice Minister William Barr. Meanwhile, the president’s frustration is growing at the lack of a final push by the investigative forces, as happened […]