Teodor Davchev died of acute respiratory and cardiovascular insufficiency

– – – Acute respiratory and cardiovascular failure is the cause of death. This is written in the epicrisis of 18-year-old Teodor Davchev, who died in the neurosurgery of St. George University Hospital in Plovdiv, announced bTV. The details become clear from the document that the parents have. At the moment, the conclusion of the […]

Stefan left, his mother begged for double euthanasia for 4 years

– – Renee’s mother has cared for Stefan since he was born. – The 31-year-old Stefan died, for whom his mother prayed for 4 years for double euthanasia – for her and her son. “168 Hours” wrote in April about the young man when he had a severe seizure after COVID-19 – see details about […]

Policeman was shot dead in Sweden for the first time in 14 years

Sweden shoots a police officer for the first time in 14 years – – The policeman was talking to several people when they started shooting at him. The police did not release details of the incident. In Sweden, a policeman died in hospital after being wounded in a shooting in one of the districts of […]

“I was here”: Actresses Stefania Koleva and Milena Markova with a joint song

– – “I was here” is the song of Milena Markova and Stefania Koleva. FRAME: YOU WOULD – Actresses Stefania Koleva and Milena Markova were guests in the studio of the show “120 minutes”to tell interesting details about their joint song “I was here” – a summer song full of mood. See what happens when […]

Radev: The office will be operational

– – – Operational, like any Bulgarian cabinet. Thus, President Rumen Radev succinctly defined the caretaker government, which he will appoint within a few hours. Radev refused more details, and his press office said that what needs to be said will be through the decrees that Radev will issue tomorrow. The head of state attended […]

Details suggestive of child sexual assault scandal in the lodge

Turkey speaks for days in the sexual abuse scandal that erupted in Sakarya Akyazı dervish. While Eyyup Fatih Şağban (58), the sheikh of the Usşaki order, who introduced himself to the public as Fatih Nurullah, was detained in Sakarya Ferizli Prison, the prosecutor’s office did not make a detailed statement about the terrible incident. However, […]

Does smoking increase the risk of COVID-19?

In smokers and in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a lot of protein appears in the lung cells to contribute to coronavirus infection. As everyone already knows, COVID-19, a disease caused by the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, occurs in different people with different severities: some have almost no symptoms, and some die. Obviously, there are […]

Coronavirus trying to distract from cells

A modified copy of human protein inhibits coronavirus infection in cell cultures and artificial organoids. In connection with the coronavirus epidemic, many managed to learn the name of the ACE2 protein – angiotensin converting enzyme 2, or angiotensin-converting enzyme 2. It is a membrane protein that sits on the cells of the lungs, kidneys, blood […]

Biological Clock Against Diabetes | Science and life

By properly setting up a damaged biological clock in the cells of the pancreas, you can reduce the risk of diabetes. Like so much more in our body, metabolism is subject to biological rhythms. This means, for example, that some cells that synthesize hormones for metabolism synthesize them at different times of the day in […]