Christmas market in Lower Saxony: there is still hope here!

Region38. More and more circles in the region38 and in Lower Saxony are considered a risk area. That means: special events fall into the water in many places. But in some areas in Lower Saxony there is still hope for one Christmas Market – albeit in a modified form. We have taken a closer look […]

Lower Saxony’s finance minister calls for staff cuts at the Hanover fair

Targeting the Hanover Exhibition Company: Lower Saxony’s Finance Minister Reinhold Hilbers (CDU) Peter Steffen / dpa Start your free trial month now! Complete the free trial month now to read this article. All other content on our website and in the “noz News” app will then also be available to you. Trial month for € […]

Universities – Hildesheim – Universities warn of financial cuts – Education

Hildesheim (dpa / lni) – Lower Saxony’s universities have called on politicians to exclude them from planned budget cuts. Austerity measures could harm not only science and research, but also economy and society in the long term, warned the Lower Saxony State University Conference, the Scientific Commission and scientists from various research institutes in a […]

Prostitution allowed again in five federal states | Currently Germany | DW

According to its own information, the North Rhine-Westphalian Higher Administrative Court in Münster overturned the prostitution ban imposed in the wake of the corona crisis with immediate effect. The decision cannot be appealed. The full ban is likely to violate the principle of proportionality, the court said. In the meantime, extensive easing has been permitted […]

Prioritizing democratic education in schools – acting democratically

The year 2020 not only presented schools with the great task of conveying the subject matter digitally, but also made it clear how important democratic education is for the education system in Germany. Miss Dr. Adrienne Körner, our regional advisor in Bremen, deals with the question of her work as a teacher and her extracurricular […]

Railway rehabilitates the Göttingen-Kassel line

Deutsche Bahn passengers will have to plan more time from April 24th due to the general overhaul of the high-speed route between Göttingen and Kassel. “The long-distance transport offer will largely be maintained, but there will be changed connections and longer travel times,” said a spokesman for Deutsche Bahn on Tuesday. The section will be […]