Discover the Best Events and Trips for the Long Weekend in Saxony-Anhalt

Discover the Best Events and Trips for the Long Weekend in Saxony-Anhalt

Many people in Saxony-Anhalt start October with a long weekend: Because Tuesday, October 3rd is German Unity Day, Monday is a popular bridging day. But the weekend also has a lot to offer for everyone who doesn’t have four days off. We’ll show you which events you can attend and where a trip is worth […]

The Importance of Cultural Education for Young People and the Threat of Budget Cuts

The Importance of Cultural Education for Young People and the Threat of Budget Cuts

Wiechell says that young people often deal with topics that are important to them. With questions and challenges, such as climate change. And through cultural offerings, find opportunities to deal with these questions artistically and aesthetically. “It’s all about questioning, being critical and also trying to find solutions so that you can get involved.” Ultimately, […]

Corona Pandemic Leads to Shortage of Lifeguards, Large Bathrooms Employ Their Own

Fewer lifeguards by Corona The lack of lifeguards in Wittenberg recently meant that the Reinsdorf lido no longer exists. It has been converted into an “open bathing area” with no jetty, slide or bathing island, for which no entrance fee is charged. Because of the corona pandemic, hardly any training had taken place for three […]

“The Disappearance of Inga: A Chronicle of the Search and Investigation”

Chronicle Inga Am On May 2nd, 2015, the Gehricke family celebrates a barbecue with friends in Wilhelmshof near Stendal. After 6 p.m. everything should be prepared for the joint barbecue. Inga should also help. Inga’s mother senses that her daughter is no longer there. “It’s as if a rubber band had torn,” she says in […]

New Teachers and Police Officers to Receive Largest Share of Record Budget Approval | MDR.DE

Die On Wednesday, the opposition criticized what they believed to be the wrong focus. The left spoke out in favor of more money for swimming pools, hospitals, universities and a hardship fund for needy pensioners. Jan Moldenhauer from the AfD criticized spending on “gender nonsense” and refugees and called for more deportations. Green parliamentary group […]

Nursing homes: Is the cost of welfare becoming too high for the country?

Since September 1, 2022 all nursing homes are obliged, to pay standard wages, or wages of a comparable amount. But in the Fuhneaue nursing home in the town of Gröbzig, which belongs to the city of Southern Anhalt, that did not happen – and did so until the end of 2022. Which is a clear […]

Analysis of data protection and data security: The big misunderstanding

Alone: ​​there is a lack of skilled workers. In the federal government alone, every fifth position in IT security is vacant or has one Question from the left-wing parliamentarians Anke Domscheit-Berg surrendered this week. Is data security sufficient in German authorities and companies? All of this shows that data security in Germany is probably not […]

Saxony-Anhalt: City partnerships with Russia are largely on hold

Magdeburg helps in Ukraine SInstead of cultural exchange, it is now about helping the people in the twin town. In March and April 2022, a few weeks after the start of the war, Magdeburg and the university hospital sent medical supplies such as bandages and medicines to the city in southern Ukraine. Mayor Trümper had […]