5 Indonesian YouTubers with the Highest Earnings, Who is the Richest?

Jakarta – Guess who YouTuber Indonesia with the highest income! It is undeniable that this profession can be a wet field. Now the YouTuber profession and content creators have become a dream for young people because they not only provide creative freedom, but can also promise a good income. Unmitigated, YouTuber income can be equated […]

Here are 5 Indonesian YouTubers with the highest income in 2021!

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. The map of the richest Indonesian YouTuber has shifted again. In 2021, Raffi Ahmad is listed as the Youtuber with the highest monthly income in Indonesia. Referring to Social Blade data, Friday (14/5), Raffi Ahmad through his Rans Entertainment account became the Indonesian YouTuber with the highest income, which is in the […]

Unprocessed House, Baim Wong Enraged, Cracking All Construction Workers

Jakarta – The shocking news came from the actor at once YouTuber, Baim Wong, Mother. In the video uploaded to the channel YouTube Baim Paula Some time ago, Baim expressed his frustration because the house he was building was never finished. In the video, Baim is annoyed that the entire foundation that was built does […]