Japan joins a nuclear project of Bill Gates in the United States

The Japan Atomic Energy Agency and Japanese industrialist Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) announced on Thursday a memorandum of understanding with TerraPower, an American company founded and chaired by Bill Gates planning to build a fast neutron nuclear reactor in United States. Read alsoJapan, isolated in an ocean of inflation MHI vaexplore opportunities to provide technical […]

the United States provides 2 million doses of vaccine to Kenya and Mauritania

The United States will provide nearly 2 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine to Kenya and Mauritania, a White House official told AFP on Monday. These doses are sent through the international Covax mechanism, set up for poor countries, and should arrive at their destination on Monday. Read alsoCovid-19: Vaccines retain very high efficacy against […]

labor shortages are spreading in companies

Labor shortages are the biggest concern for businesses in the United States, while supply difficulties, while still severe, are less of a concern, according to a survey by the National Association for Business Economics (NABE) released Monday. “The results and prospects are positive despite clearly visible shortages, in particular labor shortages“, underlined Jan Hogrefe, the […]

3rd week of increase for jobless claims

The weekly jobless claims in the United States continued to climb, for the third week in a row, and are even at their highest since October, in the midst of the Omicron wave, contradicting analysts who expected a decline. From Jan. 9 to Jan. 15, 286,000 people registered as unemployed to receive benefits, according to […]

contrary to expectations, oil inventories are going up a little

Commercial crude oil reserves in the United States increased slightly last week after seven weeks of decline, surprising analysts who had expected a further sharp reduction in inventories. Read alsoUSA: Oil stocks fall much more than expected, prices are accelerating again According to figures released Wednesday by the US Energy Information Agency (EIA), crude inventories […]

Fed official sees inflation falling to 2.5% in 2022

Price inflation is expected to slow in the United States in 2022, after hitting its highest level since 1982 last year, to fall back to around 2.5%, New York Fed President John Williams said on Friday. . “With growth slowing and supply constraints gradually resolving, I expect inflation to fall to around 2.5% this year,he […]

inflation hits consumer confidence in January

U.S. consumer confidence deteriorated slightly in January, dampened by the spread of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 and inflation concerns, according to the preliminary estimate from the University of Michigan survey released on Friday. . The index measuring this confidence stood at 68.8 points against 70.6 points in December, down 2.5% over the month and […]

New York Stock Exchange opens higher, unperturbed by US inflation

The New York Stock Exchange opened higher on Wednesday, not scalded by a US inflation indicator at its highest in almost 40 years. In early trading, the Dow Jones gained 0.47%, the Nasdaq index, heavily influenced by technology stocks, took 0.83%, and the broader S&P 500 index, 0.53%. .

further increase in weekly jobless claims

Weekly jobless claims continued to climb in the United States in early January, for the second week in a row, but remain at a very low level as employers in the country are reluctant to lay off workers in the face of labor shortages. From Jan. 2-8, 230,000 people registered as unemployed to receive benefits, […]