Wheat is catching its breath, corn still on the rise

Prices for the next wheat crop stabilized at midday Friday as corn continued to run wild amid concerns over crops in Brazil. Read also :Cereals are slowing their progress, in a still tense climate context Generally speaking, cereals are supported by “the good Chinese demand, which is unabated. We have concrete and real concerns about […]

a former Minister of Health blames Jair Bolsonaro on his management of the health crisis

A former Brazilian health minister assured Tuesday before a parliamentary commission of inquiry that he had warned “Expressly” President Jair Bolsonaro of “Extremely serious consequences” of his denial of the coronavirus pandemic, which has left nearly 410,000 dead in the country. Read also :Mid-term, Jair Bolsonaro receives a stern warning on the occasion of the […]

Atlanta police ordered to reincorporate officer charged with murder of African American

The dismissal of a white Atlanta police officer charged with the murder of a young black man was overturned on Wednesday by an administrative authority in the large city in the southern United States. Read also :Atlanta shooting: American celebrities rally against anti-Asian racism This decision, which once again illustrates how difficult it is to […]

An interactive map of crime in New York

Afraid of being raped, robbed or beaten while going out at night? Worried about moving to a new neighborhood? A interactive map of delinquency in New York could answer your anxieties. It is the first digital map made available to the public by the New York police, the largest in the United States, which has […]

An illegal farm dismantled near Lyon, around fifty animals taken care of by the SPA

An illegal farm was dismantled last Wednesday in Vaulx-en-Velin. The establishment, not declared and carrying out animal breeding, was targeted by an investigation by the Rhône Departmental Security, seized by the Lyon Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Departmental Directorate for the Protection of the Populations. On the spot, the police discovered about fifty animals, goats, […]

Bertrand criticizes Macron on the deconstruction of history

The president of Hauts-de-France and candidate for the Élysée, Xavier Bertrand, criticizes in a daily newspaper The world published Tuesday May 4 Emmanuel Macron for having suggested in April to “deconstruct»History to fight racism. Read also :“Deconstructing our own history”: when Emmanuel Macron forgets Paul Ricoeur «Now is not the time for the deconstruction of […]

Saudi Arabia to allow its ‘immune’ citizens to travel

Saudi Arabia will allow its citizens “immuneAgainst the Covid-19 to travel abroad from May 17, announced Sunday, May 2 the Ministry of the Interior, more than a year after the implementation of these restrictions. Read also :Covid-19 and travel: what possible destinations for the French? Our map, country by country According to the ministry, citizens […]

consumer confidence at its highest for a year in April

Consumer confidence in the United States climbed in April to its highest level since the start of the crisis, thanks to optimistic prospects for the recovery in employment, the final estimate of the University of Michigan confirmed on Friday. The index rose 4% from March and stood in April at 88.3 points, better than the […]