Shock announcement in the midst of a pandemic! A Romanian company wants to invest 20 million euros. The first transactions, in the summer – News by sources

Black Sea Fund, a Romanian investment fund focused on transactions with small and medium-sized companies, plans to invest between 15 million euros and 20 million euros in three or four transactions this year. The fund could close the first two transactions in the summer. The two transactions that could be completed in the summer target […]

The end of the stock market? Pedraen titles discount, pichz psn regulation

<!—-> Shares of video game vendor GameStop, which thanks network of small traders with investment funds recorded the most significant price number in January, they have the worst trading day in history. On the other hand, their price fell by 60 percent and thus fell to more than a 30 percent drop from Monday. GameStop […]

Our elected officials of the Center less fond of Facebook ads

By Arnaud Dujardin Editor-in-chief of La Nouvelle Gazette du Center | Posted on 1/11/2021 5:34 AM Communicate via Facebook, target by paying people who should receive this type of message. If this mode of communication is more and more in vogue among the political representatives of the Kingdom, our elected representatives of the Center do […]

Covid-19. Portuguese tourism sector hits rock bottom

The rain and the wind sweep a very silent Porto. In front of the town hall should have been held a Christmas market. This year, no crowds came to gather to taste the famous “Pasteis de Nata”, this iconic pastry. Portugese. Only a cafĂ© terrace has remained open on which a few people are sipping […]