Mangistau turned out to be the anti-leader in rising milk prices

Mangistau turned out to be the anti-leader in rising milk prices

Photo from pixabay In January of this year, the cost of dairy products in the country increased by 0.5% per month and by 10.4% over the year. In particular, drinking milk increased in price in annual dynamics by 14.4%, canned milk – by 13.9%, fermented milk products – by 9.9%. Yogurt increased in price by … Read more

Pre-trial investigations against the management of OzenMunayGas JSC have been completed

Pre-trial investigations against the management of OzenMunayGas JSC have been completed

Two deputy general directors have been charged, Alibek Abdilov said. – During the investigation, the actions of the Deputy General Director of OMG JSC B. Mambetsapaev were qualified as abuse of office by fictitiously employing his acquaintances, who did not actually work and received unreasonable wages. Another ex-deputy general director of OMG JSC, E. Karamurzaev, … Read more

“Expert Council Recommends Measures to Minimize Risks of Bird Flu and Influenza Viruses in Pigs”

POV is in talks with the ministries of LNV and VWS about the advice and the practical elaboration of bird flu (HPAI) and influenza viruses. An important nuance is that it mainly concerns bird flu and not influenza in pigs. One of the recommendations is that keeping both poultry and pigs at one business location … Read more

“The Risk of Avian Flu and Zoonotic Outbreaks: Expert Advice and Preparedness Strategies”

The risk of avian flu jumping from poultry to humans (zoonosis) is still small in the Netherlands. Yet there are signs worldwide that people should pay attention. This is stated in an advice from the Expert Council on Zoonoses. The increase in infections among wild mammals worldwide is a point of attention, say the experts. … Read more

Sector finds EU regulations on bird flu vaccination unworkable |

Poultry sector critical of EU conditions for bird flu vaccination: According to pharmaceutical companies, accurate mass vaccination, for example by means of in ovo vaccination, should not be an obstacle to vaccination against bird flu. Image for illustration. Folder(s) This article is part of the following files: bird flu

In Britain, a Chinese tracking sensor has been found in a government car

Hidden device that transmits location information found in a car used by members of the British government, a British newspaper reported I (owned by Daily Mail and General Trust). According to sources in the intelligence publication, Chinese intelligence services may be behind this. The geolocation device was found inside a “sealed part” imported from China. … Read more

29 4 billion dollars in projects carried out by Kuwait and 169 billion at some point …

History 1/1/2023 2:00:13 PM (MENAFN– Al-Anbaa) Mahmud IssaThe latest data released by the journal MEED Projects, which tracks project activity in the Middle East and North Africa region – MENA – showed that Kuwait has $198.4 billion worth of active projects, of which $169 billion worth of projects are in the pre-implementation stage, accounting for … Read more

I don’t consult my family if I want to go out.. and if I become pious like you, they close the door! • Journal of the Observatory

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The veiled woman attacked the controversial Mashael Al-Tuwairqi, following a live broadcast on Tik Tok, when I asked her, “How does your family agree with my aspiration?” Al-Tuwairqi responded to the follow-up, saying, “I don’t need to consult my family. If I want to see, they give me what they give me.” And … Read more

football toilet | Viewers of the World Cup so far have increased by 14% compared to 2018

The second most watched match on CT was the Poland – Argentina broadcast with 596,000 viewers, and the third was the Portugal – Uruguay match with 465,000 viewers. 442,000 spectators watched the Brazil-Serbia match on Nova Action. “The World Cup football match in Qatar, broadcast by Nova Group broadcasters, attracted the interest of 6.28 percent … Read more