6 ways to protect yourself from professional pressure.. and don’t neglect meals

Food is one of the main factors in improving mental health and paying attention to the quality and balance of meals and snacks is one of the most important tasks in this regard. one of the main factors for improving mental health.At the same level, the National Center for Mental Health Promotion has recommended following […]

Fibroids and not eating. Here is the state of health of this famous artist

After circulating information about singer Angham undergoing urgent surgery to remove her uterus due to the presence of tumors, Dr Akram Al-Adawy, professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Kasr Al-Aini Faculty of Medicine, said revealed the nature of these tumors, pointing out that they were tested and found to be fibrous and not cancerous, as […]

The universe is flat and infinite – Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida

Physicists believe that the universe is flat, and evidence of residual light from the Big Bang and the rate of expansion of the universe at various locations indicate this.David Spergel, a theoretical astrophysicist and professor emeritus of astrophysics at Princeton University , has studied the shape of the universe for decades. In a 2003 study […]

Masks reduce the spread of viral diseases and do not harm breathing

Specialists confirmed to “Al-Youm” that he was confused gag Surgical mask or cloth mask, does not affect the level of oxygen or carbon dioxide in the body. They emphasized the importance of wearing it. to limit the spread infection And viral diseases, and maintain everyone’s health and safety, stressing that it does not harm breathing. […]

Who is bigger, you or me?..See the latter’s answer • Al Marsad newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The artist “Muhammad Abdo” introduced the artist “Abdullah Al-Ruwaished” on stage and in front of the audience, and joked with him asking, “Who is bigger…me or you?” , to which the latter replied: “Stature, artistry and an older brother, Professor Muhammad Abdo, may your life extend to us, O Lord.” And he replied, […]