Mobile collectors wanted for the MS Collection Week

MS collection week from June 28 to July 3, 2021 The national MS Collection Week of the National MS Fund will take place from June 28 to July 3, 2021. The organization is looking for people who want to collect with their mobile phone. You can collect mobile from your couch, garden chair or lounger! […]

Collectors wanted in Zwartewaterland –

MS collection week from 28 June to 3 July 2021 The national door-to-door collection of the National MS Fund will take place from 28 June to 3 July 2021. The organization is looking for collectors in Zwartewaterland. Can you help the National MS Fund in the fight against the nerve-racking disease multiple sclerosis (MS)? National […]

Which is actually better: walking or running?

No one has to tell us that move, especially in these uncertain times, is extremely important. We got it! One gets some physical exertion through running and the other prefers to take a leisurely stroll around the block. But what is actually better: running or to walk? doDisplay(‘div-gpt-ad-MarieClaireNL_in-content_top_article’); How much exercise? Whether you are running […]

Sitting too much hinders the benefits of exercise

We all know the dangers of sitting too much. Sedentary behavior has been linked to negative health outcomes, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer and even an increased risk of death, whether from heart disease or other medical problems, according to a 2015 scientific publication inserted in the Annals of Internal Medicine. According to […]

Line: how to transform the walk into slimming fitness

WHAT WHO SAYS – The goal of ten thousand steps a day has been indicated by the World Health Organization as a goal for those who want to fight sedentary lifestyle and adopt one healthier lifestyle. Walking helps reduce the risk of many diseases, including hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes; improves muscle tone and facilitates […]

Walking: How many calories do you burn with a walk?

How much is consumed while walking? Calories burned can vary depending on body weight and type of walking Walking is one of the simplest and cheapest physical activities to practice, healthy at 360 degrees. It is believed that reduce the risk of breast cancer and heart disease, which extends life, prevents diabetes and childhood obesity. […]

Walk every day, don’t underestimate the therapeutic power of a walk

Walking is one of the simplest and most strategic things we can do for ourselves and for our health. Several studies have highlighted the many advantages of a simple daily walk, a system we have even now, in times of covid, to keep fit, release tension but also learn new things and plan for the […]

Why you should walk outdoors even in cold weather

Taking long walks outdoors, even on cold days, is good for health. Word of science! Even if on frosty days many prefer a sofa, cover and Netflix in their free time, taking a nice walk in the open air is good for our body and mind. A underline the benefits of walking, regardless of the […]

Walking every day has a scientifically proven side effect that you don’t expect

The literature is now full of the benefits of walking. Enhance the mood, increases memory and in general supports the well-being of body and brain and more: while walking, we fill up with creativity and imagination! According to one studio published in the journal Scientific ReportsIn fact, if you are looking to increase your creativity […]

Because walking the dog is good for health and for the mind

According to the study conducted by researchers at the University of Western Australia, walking the dog is not only good for the heart, but it would also improve the psychological level. <!– –> It is well known that one daily walk is good for your health. The choice of Italian families to have a dog […]