Israel attacked targets in the Gaza Strip

Fighter jets and combat helicopters were used in the attacks until Sunday night. They hit several underground facilities and a weapons depot linked to Hamas, according to the Israeli army. The Israeli military says the attacks are in response to rockets fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip. Hamas has political power in the Gaza […]

Israeli sirens wailing, Iron Dome intercepts 10 rockets from Lebanon

loading… TEL AVIV – Sirens signaling a rocket attack blared on Friday (6/8/2021) morning along the northern border Israel with Lebanon and Syria. The Iron Dome missile defense system was activated and according to the Zionist military, it managed to intercept about 10 rockets fired from Lebanon. Although fired from Lebanese territory, it was not […]

Israel Attacked by Rockets Until Wuhan Residents Stormed Supermarkets

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A number of events occurred in various parts of the world on Wednesday (4/8). Starting from Israel attacked rocket from Lebanon to citizens WuhanChina frantically stormed supermarkets after Covid-19 was discovered again. 1. Israel Strikes Rocket from Lebanon, Cannon Fire Returns Two of the three rocket attacks launched from the direction […]

Israel Strikes Rocket from Lebanon, Cannon Fire Returns

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Two out of three attacks rocket which was launched from the direction Lebanon hit Israel on Wednesday (4/8). Israel then responded to the rocket fire with artillery fire towards Lebanon. The rocket attack came after an attack on a tanker operated by an Israeli company off the coast of Oman last […]