“Education” effectively assesses the importance of a child’s mental health

The Department of Student Services of the Ministry of Education held an event on the importance of children’s mental health, at the Al-Inmaa Complex, with the participation of many government and private agencies, where the need to provide a supportive environment for children, capable of honing their potential, it has been highlighted, to ensure they […]

“Waves and Sailing” lands in Dubai

Date 24/11/2022 19:29:37 (MENAFN– Al Bayan) Cinema Akil has revealed the launch of the Hong Kong Film Industry Surfing and Sailing Festival, to celebrate film productions from the region. The event will take place from December 9 to December 14. The festival, curated by the Hong Kong Creative office, has been a huge success since […]

Review the experience of Macbook Air M2 after using it for three months: more than the reasonable price in my heart, but I am very satisfied in all respects, I will want the 15-inch version next year (184804)

I ordered the Macbook Air M2 on Apple’s official website on the first day it went on sale in Taiwan to replace my 2019 16-inch Macbook Pro. The processor of the new work machine is upgraded to Apple Silicon, but the screen is reduced to 13 inches. After three months of actual use as a […]

“Al-Aziziyah for Children” organizes an event that promotes mental health

Coinciding with World Mental Health Day, Al-Aziziya Children’s Hospital in Jeddah organized a mental health awareness event on Thursday, under the slogan “Mental health is a priority for all”, in the nursing room. celebrations of the Al-Aziziya Children’s Hospital in Jeddah. The departments of Mental Health, Communication, Relationships, Health Awareness, Therapeutic Nutrition, Nursing Services and […]