China PM wants union with Taiwan: ‘Bind by blood’

PEKING Economic and cultural cooperation with Taiwan and the “peaceful development” of relations should be promoted, Li Keqiang told the nearly 3,000 delegates. In the speech passage, the prime minister was more emotional, but overall somewhat more reserved than in the previous year, when he referred to the blood ties he emphasized, when he had […]

Video-Encoder – Cube 755 – TERADEK

Real-time H.265(HEVC) and H.264(AVC) encoder Dual-band 2.4/5.8 GHz WiFi, Ethernet and USB interfaces HDMI and SDI video inputs Top camera form factor Integrated color correction On-board SD -Card recording Two-pin male power input HEVC, also known as H.265, is a next-generation compression standard that offers a number of improvements over H.264. Compared to AVC (H.264) […]

Six of the 12 shoe component companies exhibiting in New York are from Elche

Lineapelle opens tomorrow in New York and there will be 12 Spanish companies from the footwear component sector, half of which are from Elche. It is the first major event of the year, which takes place on February 1 and 2, and is considered one of the most exclusive fairs in the sector. The contest […]

How to identify the threads of a hydraulic fitting?

sourceTextContent.subTitle A relatively simple four-step process will do the trick. sourceTextContent.description Using the correct thread is essential for mating and replacing hydraulic fittings. It is above all a question of security. Proper assembly will reliably hold pressure and seal a fitting or adapter, making it safe for people and equipment, not to mention the environment. […]

Because Texas Instruments relies on an old factory at Munich Airport

Clean room in Freising Texas Instruments remains loyal to the Munich location. (Photo: Texas Instruments) Freising When Texas Instruments (TI) opened its plant in Freising, Ludwig Erhard was Chancellor. Back then, in 1966, it was unforeseeable that the new Munich airport would one day open right in front of the company headquarters. The plant on […]

China has 71 military aircraft operating near Taiwan

Chinese PLA J-16 fighter jet 47 aircraft crossed the central line of the Taiwan Strait. The strait separates Taiwan from mainland China. (Photo: AP) Taipei China has been provoking the island republic of Taiwan with warships and military jets. According to the Taiwanese defense ministry, 71 Chinese aircraft and seven vessels were located near Taiwan […]

The Human Rights Committee visits Taiwan in Oct

– Rainbow flag in Taiwan Pedestrians in Taipei, Taiwan: China statements the country for alone. – (Image: dpa) – – – – Berlin Eight MPs from all events represented in the Bundestag want to journey to Taiwan at the stop of October. In accordance to details from the Handelsblatt, a corresponding software is expected to […]

The most important questions and answers about donating blood

Jun 28, 2022 @ 3:53pm The most important questions and answers about donating blood : Why it matters whether you donate blood or not – Around 15,000 blood donations are needed every day in Germany to care for the sick and injured. Photo: dpa-tmn/Hauke-Christian Dittrich – – Düsseldorf The need is great: hospitals are currently […]