Prof. Georgi Rachev: From Monday the temperatures will drop by 10 degrees

Prof. Georgi Rachev STAFF: bTV

After June 15 we will be able to swim in the sea

“Cold air will invade our country on Saturday versus Sunday. “Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing BTV the climatologist Prof. Georgi Rachev.

Until then, however, it will be warm, hot in places, with afternoon showers, which is normal for the end of May.

On Monday in Western Bulgaria the difference in maximum temperatures can reach 10 degrees. From 28-29 degrees will fall to 18-19.

And in the beginning of June the weather in Western Bulgaria will continue to be unstable.

Warming is expected on our Black Sea coast from tomorrow. There will be showers in the afternoon as well.

“Varna and Burgas are the rainiest in Bulgaria in May so far. They meet about 60% of their norm, while the other places have much less rainfall, “said Prof. Rachev.

In early June, the water temperature will be above 20 degrees. After June 15, we will be able to take a bath, he added.

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