Turkey ready to send ambassadors of ten Western countries – Erdogan

Erdogan threatens to expel ambassadors of ten Western countries from the country Earlier, the ambassadors of Germany, Denmark, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, USA, Finland, France and Sweden issued a joint statement. Turkey is ready to expel ambassadors of ten Western countries after their speech in defense of Osman Kavala, a Turkish philanthropist and […]

“Crazy Country”. How China fell out with Lithuania

Beijing is extremely sensitive to territorial issues and wants to isolate Taiwan, whose office was opened in Vilnius, on a global scale. Lithuania and China were almost on the brink of severing diplomatic relations. Lithuania’s Foreign Ministry has recalled its ambassador to Beijing for consultations in response to a similar measure by its Chinese counterparts. […]

Taliban named country as Afghanistan’s main partner / GORDON

China is the main partner because it is ready to invest in Afghanistan. Mujahid noted that cooperation with China “will revive the ancient Silk Road.” A militant spokesman said he hoped China would help rebuild Afghanistan’s mining industry. In particular, we are talking about Afghan copper mines that can be modernized, said a Taliban spokesman. […]

State Department denies Russian visa accusations to diplomats

Фото: Getty Images Diplomatic scandal between the Russian Federation and the United States is gaining momentum The United States is not expelling Russian diplomats, but they will have to leave the country if their visas are not renewed, the State Department says. The US State Department rejected Russia’s accusations of expulsion of 24 Russian diplomatswrites […]

The United States dismisses 180 employees of consulates in the Russian Federation

USA fired foreign employees of consulates in the Russian Federation The Secretary of State thanked the people for their work and explained that the decision to fire them was the result of the decisions of the Russian authorities. The United States will fire 182 employees of the American diplomatic mission in Russia due to Moscow’s […]

Estonia will not send ambassador to Minsk

Photo: err.ee Estonia will not send ambassador to Belarus Tallinn does not recognize the results of the presidential elections in Belarus and see no reason to send a new ambassador there. The Estonian authorities have decided not to send their new ambassador, Jaak Lensment, to Minsk. This was announced on Saturday, July 17, by Estonian […]

Estonia expelled Russian diplomat – Korrespondent.net

Photo: err.ee Estonia expels Russian diplomat In this way, Tallinn responded to the expulsion of the Estonian diplomat from Russia, which took place last week. In Estonia, one of the diplomats of the Russian Embassy in Tallinn was declared persona non grata. The corresponding note was delivered on Thursday, July 15, to the Russian ambassador […]

Kuleba explained why Ukraine does not recall its ambassador to Belarus / GORDON

“It’s not a problem to recall the ambassador. This is also a gesture, this is very serious. But now we have a lot of humanitarian issues. We do not have a political dialogue, our ambassador is not engaged in political dialogue with Belarus. He is engaged in humanitarian issues. transplant problems with our patients“, – […]

Belarus expels Latvian diplomats – Korrespondent.net

Photo: twitter.com/edgarsrinkevics BCHB-flag instead of the official flag in Riga Minsk decided to expel the Latvian diplomats due to the replacement of the Belarusian flag for the white-red-white at the World Ice Hockey Championship in Riga. The Belarusian Foreign Ministry demanded that Latvian diplomats leave the country. This was announced on Monday, May 24, by […]