Are you at sea? A few simple exercises will help you stay in shape, despite the excesses of the holidays

After a rather tiring year, we are all looking forward to summer vacation. All we want are a few days in which no one will tell us what to do; just sit on the beach and relax.

But don’t forget that all the efforts made during the year, in order to get a toned body for the summer, could go awry in a few days of excess. I propose some exercises that you can do on the beach, exercises that will not only help you be more energetic on vacation, but will prevent you from returning home with a few extra pounds.

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1. Walk through the waves. Walk 20 minutes a day through the water. The effort is great enough to cope with the waves.

2. Volleyball on the beach. Stay in shape in a pleasant and fun way. Invite your friends or other young people from the beach to a game that will have beneficial effects on your arms, buttocks and chest.

3. Breathing exercises. The seafront is an ideal place for yoga, thanks to the aerosols. Start with a simple breathing exercise – take a deep breath as you lift your arms sideways and exhale as you bend your torso and lower your arms. Repeat 10 times.

4. Swimming, swimming and swimming again. Swimming in the sea is very beneficial for health and, in addition, it energizes us fantastically. While swimming, all muscle groups are set in motion simultaneously, resulting in a total workout. If I haven’t convinced you, find out that swimming increases heart rate and improves circulation.

5. Stretching in apa. Stay in the water until the middle. Keep your back straight and taut. Rotate the torso to one side and to the other. Repeat 20 times. This exercise is very beneficial for the waist.

These are just a few examples, but, depending on your preferences, you can choose to train in many ways, at the beach. It is important to exercise and do not forget to hydrate. Now you are really ready for the holidays.

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