Tips on how to succeed in a foreign country: “Beware of Romanians! They are hyenas “

Success in a foreign country depends on many things, say Romanians who have spent many years in foreign lands and who have gathered beautiful experiences, but also bitter tears. Romanians who see leaving for another country as the only solution to the desperate situation in which many are in Romania today are almost equally divided with those who say they “buried” their youth working hard and didn’t seem to deserve it.

Here are just some of the tips, small analyzes and experiences related by Romanians “with seniority” abroad, in response to the question “What advice can you give, those who have a long time in the diaspora, young people or those who want to come for the first time to work abroad? ”, a question posted on the group Facebook Romanians in Italy:

“Learn the language and not the swearing. Do not speak ill of the country and your people will look upon you as traitors. “

• Keep in mind that wherever you go, you must respect the language, bread, and way of life of those who will become your friends, neighbors, and perhaps your family. In other words, you must respect the traditions and the land that will feed you. You will respect and you will be respected. Keep in mind that you will return after at least one year of vacation and will not have a vacation before one year of work. Stay away from Romanians, because once they have crossed the border they turn into hyenas and they will eat you alive for every outstretched hand. The foreigners will extend a hand to you, the Romanians will make you pay with a high and thick.
Learn the language and not the swear words. Do not speak ill of your country or your people, for they will look upon you as traitors. What can I tell you, I have been in Italy for 15 years, I have my family, I have worked for retirement for 15 years, I bought my house, I am a full citizen, I am truly fulfilled. I also had a tumor and treated it very carefully without giving a lion out of my pocket. I work honestly, I have bruises on my palm, but I sleep peacefully with my head on my pillow, at my house, because now my house is here. Good luck, my dears!

• I would advise them to stay at home, to get to work, because it is not better abroad. Work is the same everywhere, but home is only one.

• I came, I stayed 16 years, economically I could say that I am satisfied, but I lost the adolescence of my children, even if I later brought them with me … If I had to go back in time … no, no I would leave …

• At the moment I think it is better in Romania. Restrictions are much more severe in some countries and you have no certainty for the future 🔮 Most benefits are with loved ones 💞👪💞😉

“There is no luck beyond, there is only success on its own merits!”

• Our dear young people, put your 7 years at home in your suitcase, a lot of patience and respect, hard work and you must know that no one offers you anything for free! Money is earned through the sweat of your brow, clenched teeth and tears !! Leave your phones and technology at home !! We need humanity, education and muscles !!!!!

• Prepare yourself mentally very well, it can be extremely difficult at first, but you will surely succeed as long as you do not lose your integrity, dignity, word for nothing in the world! Beyond there is no luck, there is only success on its own merits! Good luck and whatever might happen outside, do whatever it takes to get your head back in the country! Success!

• Abroad, he must be obedient, serious and not free. He has to work. That thing is work and money will be appropriate.

• You arm yourself with seriousness, common sense, diligence, a little knowledge of the language, then you learn on the go, the 7 years at home !! In order to be respected, you must also respect! That’s how they all started !!! Courage and with God before !!!

• It is very difficult at first but over time you will get used to it. If you know how much the language will not be so hard. That’s how all of us in Italy started. From the bottom. So are your lords. I wish you courage and much success!

• Stay home. That it’s much better than through strangers.

• I stayed in Italy for 10 years, I retired, the thought remained there …. I was at home there, here I find a foreigner. I would come back tomorrow …..

“Emigrate without looking back, leave in that country only the criminals and politicians who destroy it and those who indulge in this situation …”

• It depends on how we feel, we are not made the same. I say it’s good to come to work and do what they want to do when they get home. It’s just my opinion, nowhere is it like home, starting with the taste of the food and continuing with everything you grew up with. I have been in Italy since 2009, at first very hard, leaving the family at home (wife and two children: one 3 years and 6 months old, the other one year old and 3 months old), but thanks to the help of the good God I managed to bring them here and now we’re okay, we’re at work, they’re at school. In my opinion, if someone wants to go abroad, to work, to make a future, first of all they have to be very determined, to be aware that abroad you don’t have a mother, you don’t have a father, you have to be a strong character, but above all that person must be correct. As long as you are right, you always stay with your forehead up, no matter the difficulties, and in the end the truth will always come out victorious. These are the experiences I went through. But in the end, everything will end well. So it seemed to me: sincerity, fairness, truth! Good luck to all who want to start a new life!

• I die when I hear some with the phase: Italy (or another country) is no longer what it was … That Romania seems to be what it was 😂🤣😂 … Or with the phase: stay in Românika because it’s work and there …. “Brothers”, I give you a piece of advice: those of you who can emigrate without looking back, leave in that country only the criminals and politicians who continue to destroy the country and those who indulge in this situation. .. A 25-year-old emigrant will tell you directly and honestly.

• Italy is no longer what it used to be … In the sense that now it has nothing to do with what it was in ’99 when I went and it was still the pound, you could find work the next day even if you didn’t know how to speak .. Then in Romania it was almost impossible to find a job, now there are some and there are quite good salaries.

• I guide the youth not to hope for anything in Romania, to run as far as they can see.

• To know how to do something concrete, that is a job, and to sacrifice his best years working part-time.

• Stay less with Romanians!

• I am 2 years old since I returned to the country, but I have my heart and mind only in Italy, I do my best to get used to being Romanian in my native country …. It is extremely difficult, what I see every day is the wickedness of the Romanians, we are racist, uneducated, illiterate …

• I am 3 years old and I have not settled in my country after almost 18 years in Italy.

• Stay home, because money does not buy happiness or health! If you stay abroad for a long time, you will never feel at home, neither in the country, nor abroad. 😉

• The money earned there is good. The price of departure is higher than the gain, our country needs you. If we were more united and young people would love their country, we would all be better off. The strength of young people can change Romania.

• I advise them to come and stay for the rest of their lives. In Italy now apartments are low because of the crisis, young people with an employment contract can take out a loan. If you are honest and hardworking you will succeed. I spent the best years of my life here. If we left the girl at home, who knows what future she had. Anyway, I would never go back to the country.

• To those who want to leave the country, I only say this: it is worse than in Romania nowhere ….. so leave and stay forever where you will settle …

• To impose from the beginning and not to be trampled on. If you impose yourself from the beginning, no one will ever try to exploit you.

• Coming to Italy now for the first time is risky. He can’t find a job. It’s not like 10-20 years ago.

• To beware of Romanians, here abroad they are bad, envious and forget to speak Romanian. I had such an experience and believe me, I have been in Italy for over 10 years and I have suffered a lot from these experiences.

• Make some quick money and return to the country to start eco-farming + animal husbandry.

• A lot of patience and hold on tight .. there are many attractions ..clothes, good food etc etc outings … But after years you realize that it was good to be economical. So get on with the economy first … whether they’re young unmarried. I was 18 years old, I didn’t put anything aside, gifts, birthdays, Christmas, etc., salaries went like this and now I don’t regret it, but I would have liked to have packed my bag a little.

• Stay home. Abroad is very hard. You earn a little more than in the country, but you have very high expenses. So it’s not worth staying away from parents, siblings, children. You end up regretting what you did even after a few years. There’s no place like home. Do not forget!

• To be as circumspect as possible with other Romanians.

• To be responsible, to know exactly what he came for, to be human, to take care of temptations of all kinds and to take great care of Romanians!

• The first piece of advice for them would be – “Never believe in Romanians!”, The rest comes naturally. Success!

• In addition to the advice received, to have a lot of euros for rent, apartment advance, and to have something to spare until the first salary. In Vienna a modest rent on the outskirts is from 500 euros and up and you have to pay 3 rents plus the current month up front, the real estate company also wants a minimum of 2 rents plus a contract, but no one gives you rent without living here and 3 salary flyers, ie 3 months worked with a high salary, possibly in Italy is different. Beware of Romanians like hell, the best advice!

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