Doctors are calling on Nature to rid the capital of a plant that is dangerous to health

The Romanian Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology has launched the “Attention to Ambrosia!” Campaign, which draws attention to the health problems caused by this plant.

Its pollen causes various forms of respiratory allergies, some severe, and which in recent years have spread rapidly, including in all neighborhoods of the capital and neighboring towns.

Through the “Attention to Ambrosia” campaign, specialists are drawing attention to the spread of this seemingly harmless weed.

“Urban vegetation can make us sick. 100 million Europeans suffer from allergic rhinitis. Ambrosia, a seemingly harmless weed, can cause severe allergies while pollinating,” the campaign’s message reads.

Also, the symptoms of allergy, sneezing, coughing, tearing are presented: “When you sneeze, your nose leaks, your eyes eat, you tear, you cough, it could be caused by ragweed pollen. Those who have these symptoms should consult an allergist and follow his advice “.

The Romanian Society of Allergology says that it informed the Capital City Hall about the environmental and health problem that the Ambrosia Artemisiifolia plant (popularly called the grass of the parlors) represents for the population of Bucharest.

read the call to Gabriela Firea

“Ambrosia is an invasive wild plant that has spread rapidly in recent years, being spread in all neighborhoods of the capital and neighboring towns. It produces an intense allergenic pollen, which causes various forms of respiratory allergies, some cases being severe.

Because the number of patients with Ambrosia-induced allergies has increased in recent years across the country, and in some counties prevention measures have already been taken, please support us in launching a campaign to control this weed through the following measures: identifying neighborhoods in Bucharest where there is a lot of Ambrosia and applying sustained eradication measures, in consultation biologists and allergists, supporting the adoption of local regulations and legislative measures by which the owners of undeveloped land to be obliged to clean them and supporting information and warning campaigns for the population “, it is shown in the letter sent to the Capital City Hall by the Romanian Allergology Society .

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In April this year, a second bill was tabled to ban ragweed, after the first was withdrawn from the parliamentary debate last year by the Senate.

The bill – signed by 32 lawmakers – stipulates that landowners provide mowing, plucking or herbicide work at least once a year so that ragweed can be eradicated.

Landowners who do not comply will first receive a written warning, and then, if they do not take action, they will receive a fine. The sanctions are between 1,500 and 10,000 lei for individuals and between 10,000 and 50,000 lei for legal entities.



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