The Basques preceded Castile in America

Hand read with interest the article published in DIARIO DE NOTICIAS on the 24th of last month by Harri Fernández and Rubén Plaza on the possible Basque origin of Christopher Columbus. In this regard, the Basques, if I correctly deduce (I am not Euskadun) the port of the Canary Islands that faces the West bears […]

News, information and last minute of the nine provinces of Castilla y León The Junta and Empresa Familiar de Castilla y León call a contest to promote the entrepreneurial spirit among students

The Ministry of Education and the Castilla y León Family Business Association (EFCL) They call the III ‘Imagine your Company’ School Contest to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit among the young people of the Community and bring the business world closer to the youngest. Framed in this line of action, they call this contest, in which […]

Music for the community anthem of Castilla

We got it right. With those two words, Luis López Álvarez gave his approval, in 1976, to the work of musicalizing his masterpiece, the poetry book ‘Los comuneros’, by Nuevo Mester de Juglaría. With this album, the Segovian folk group, a pioneer in the recovery, reworking and dissemination of root music, achieved great success. They […]

C / San Diego, 10 | Valladolid City Council Website

C / San Diego, 10 | Valladolid City Council Website Dates Start date of a traffic incident 25 January 2021 Estimated end date of a traffic incident Type of incident for traffic cuts MOVE Scope of a traffic cut Traffic cut Copyright 2020 – Valladolid City Council .