The wanted criminal Erdan Shangbing Chen Jiaxun receives a visit from the New Taipei Police in his hometown, resulting in his uncle being scolded for the loose talk of the infamous fugitive| Sanli News Network SETN.COM | Society.

Reporter You Chenglin / New Taipei Report ▲The police went to investigate. (Photo/photographed by reporter You Chenglin) Please read on…. Chen Jiaxun, a volunteer soldier from the Lieyu Garrison Brigade of the Ministry of Defense of the Jin Dynasty, disappeared in China on the 9th and appeared in China. The Kinmen District Prosecutor’s Office officially […]

Al-Hussaini reveals his expectations regarding the conditions of “Medrar” in the next 24 hours .. and explains the affected areas

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Weather and climate researcher, Abdulaziz Al-Hussaini, revealed his expectations regarding the rainy conditions of the rainy season during the next 24 hours in different regions of the Kingdom. Al-Hussaini said, in a tweet via his Twitter account: “The rainy season is expected to continue during the next “24” hours from today, Wednesday 6/11/1444 […]

In the video… a meteorologist reveals a sharp drop in temperatures and rainfall… and identifies the affected areas

Al-Marsad newspaper: Today, Saturday, the meteorological spokesman, Hussein Al-Qahtani revealed that the Kingdom is witnessing weather fluctuations and a sharp drop in temperatures in the northern, northeastern and central regions of the Kingdom. Al-Qahtani said in an interview with the “From Saudi Arabia” program that moderate to heavy rains are expected, which will also affect […]

Minister Demerdzhiev announced Sashko’s case as p…

“Everything was clarified regarding the disappearance of Sashko from Pernik. Autism helped him cope with this situation. He was a loner. This is the conclusion of the doctors who examined the child. The case is closed. This is a very exciting case for us,” said Interior Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev of the investigation into the disappearance […]

Skopje airport is closed, more than 20 bomb alerts in schools, stadiums, hotels

As of this morning, all entrances and exits of Skopje International Airport are closed due to bomb alert. The Interior Ministry confirms that checks by special counter-terrorism units are underway, reports the bTV News correspondent from North Macedonia. “Flights have not been cancelled, but traffic is currently suspended until we receive a notification from the […]

The death of Safaa Sultan’s father, and she mourns him with emotion

Syrian actress, Safaa Sultan was saddened by her father’s death. And he announced the news on his account via Instagram, where he posted a photo of himself accompanied by his deceased father, accompanying it with the following comment: “O God, forgive my father, forgive his misdeeds, have mercy on him with your mercy, honor his […]