Gazprom does not book Yamal-Europe gas pipeline for ninth day in a row

For the ninth day in a row Gazprom does not book pumping capacities in Yamal-Europe Gazprom began to reduce the volume of transit reservations two weeks ago, and since December 20, it has not booked capacity at all. Gazprom again did not book capacity for the transit of natural gas through Poland via the Yamal-Europe […]

Gazprom orders the minimum level of pumping through the Yamal-Europe pipeline

Photo: Median.Az Gazprom does not speed up gas supplies to Europe On Monday, from a physical point of view, the gas pipeline will balance on the verge of stopping. Russian gas monopoly Gazprom ordered for Monday the minimum transit capacity of the Polish section of the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline for a month – 3.8 million […]

Gazprom supplies to the EU at a minimum of six years

Фото: Getty Images Gas transit through Ukraine does not exceed the booked 109 million cubic meters per day Russian gas supplies are minimal amid the highest gas prices in Europe and a significant increase in gas supplies to Turkey and China. The Russian gas monopoly Gazprom in 2021 transited about 145 billion cubic meters of […]

extend their stay on Wall Street – Telemundo New York (47)

NEW YORK – The statue of the famous “Fearless Girl”, or “Fearless Girl” will remain in front of the headquarters of the New York Stock Exchange, where it was placed for the first time in 2018, for another three years, by decision of the Commission for the Preservation of Historical Monuments. The work, which challenges […]

172 new exoplanets, including 18 systems, in the net of astronomers!

There are currently nearly 5,000 confirmed exoplanets. And astronomers keep finding new candidates. Still in the archives of the Kepler Space Telescope today. They report the discovery of no less than 172 new candidates. You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Exoplanets What is an exoplanet, where are they found and why are they so […]

Nord Stream 2 may be commissioned without obtaining a certificate – media

In particular, there have been similar examples of gas pipeline launches in the past – they were originally commissioned without obtaining the North European Gas Pipeline (NEL) certificate and the EGL 401 gas pipeline. Moreover, the commissioning of Nord Stream 2 will save Russian Gazprom “Transit fees for pumping gas through the territory of Ukraine,” […]

Shmygal described the desired contract with Gazprom

Ukraine wants a long-term gas contract Ukraine is ready to halve the gas transit tariff after 2024 and conclude a contract for 15 years. The Ukrainian authorities are counting on extending the gas contract with Gazprom for another 15 years and are ready to reduce transit tariffs. Prime Minister Denis Shmygal spoke about the desired […]