Ukrainians leave the country en masse after the holidays

“At checkpoints, an increase in passenger traffic is recorded. Exit of citizens from Ukraine prevails over entry, especially on the border with EU countries,” the message says. The border guards noted that the increase in passenger traffic is mainly due to the increase in the number of Ukrainians traveling abroad after the winter holidays. Queues […]

14 people killed in helicopter crash in Azerbaijan

Photo: Screenshot from video The helicopter crash killed 14 people, two sighted The helicopter of the border service crashed during training flights at the aviation range. The helicopter crashed during training flights at the Garaheibat training ground in the Khizi region. At the same time, two soldiers survived the accident. The leadership of the State […]

Five Armenians with fake passports found at Kiev airport

Photo: State Border Service of Ukraine Armenians acquired fake passports from an unknown person for 10 thousand dollars Three adults and two children, after staying in the waiting room, chose another flight, which they tried to board with different passport documents. The border guards found five citizens of Armenia at the Kiev airport Boryspil, presenting […]

Two groups of migrants broke through the border of Poland and Belarus

Two groups of migrants numbering several dozen people managed to break through to the Polish side near the villages of Krynka and Bialowieza on the border with Belarus. About it informs radio Bialystok with reference to the Polish border service. On both parts of the border, migrants broke fences, the newspaper reports. Some of those […]

State Border Guard Service is investigating how Saakashvili crossed the border

Border guards check how Saakashvili left Ukraine The border guards are checking all the information about how he left Ukraine. The State Border Service is checking the fact of crossing the Ukrainian border by Mikhail Saakashvili. In this connection, several officials were removed from office. This was announced on Thursday, October 7, by the speaker […]