Ukraine received helicopters to the border with Belarus

Photo: Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ukrainian helicopters N-125 The vehicles are equipped with modern satellite transmitters, loudspeakers, digital communication systems, electric winches and emergency floating equipment. Two H-125 helicopters manufactured by the French company Airbus Helicopters arrived in Kiev. They will be supplied to the aviation units of the State Border Service, which […]

State Border Guard Service is investigating how Saakashvili crossed the border

Border guards check how Saakashvili left Ukraine The border guards are checking all the information about how he left Ukraine. The State Border Service is checking the fact of crossing the Ukrainian border by Mikhail Saakashvili. In this connection, several officials were removed from office. This was announced on Thursday, October 7, by the speaker […]

Sputnik V vaccinated Belarusians bribe Ukrainian border guards

Photo: The fact of giving a bribe was recorded, the money was seized The citizens of Belarus were vaccinated with a vaccine that the WHO did not approve. Then foreigners tried to “solve” the issue for money. In Ukraine, the border guards did not let the citizens of Belarus vaccinated with Sputnik V, and […]

Zelensky signs NSDC decision to protect Ukraine’s borders

Photo: Press Service of the President of Ukraine President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky Among other things, the presidential decree contains a number of classified instructions for the Cabinet of Ministers. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a decree which put into effect the decision of the National Security and Defense Council “On certain issues of […]

Queues of hundreds of cars on the western border of Ukraine

Photo: Queues of cars formed on the western border of Ukraine Cars are stuck in traffic jams on the border with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, border guards said. On the western border of Ukraine, queues have formed – as of 15:00 more than 300 cars were waiting for the passage. About it informs […]

Results 25.07: US assistance and privileges from the Ministry of Health

Photo: Radio Liberty George Kent told how the United States supports Ukraine Ukraine is one of the five countries in terms of US assistance; In the event of another lockdown in Ukraine, vaccinated people can be given privileges. highlights the main events of yesterday. George Kent told how the United States supports Ukraine US […]

The attack of the SBU officers on the border guards: details appeared

Photo: Press Service of the President of Ukraine Details of the attack of the SBU officers on the border guards have appeared The security forces noted a promotion, three of them went drunk to “seek adventure”, the media write. SBU officers were drunk during the attack on border guards after they boasted a promotion. About […]

Ukrainian woman importing weapons was detained at the border

Photo: State Border Service Ukrainian woman tried to import weapons into Ukraine Law enforcers found hiding places behind the driver’s seats and under the lining of the cargo compartment. At the Yagodin checkpoint, border guards found a woman who was transporting ammunition to Ukraine. This was reported by the press service State border services. It […]

Dogs of border guards will be parade for the first time on Independence Day

Photo: Trainings will last until the end of the month To participate in the parade, 33 dog handlers with service dogs, who specialize in the search for weapons and drugs, were selected. For the first time, the service dogs of the border guards will take part in the parade dedicated to the 30th anniversary […]